Extended neo scav and Mighte mod of doom, imposible?

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Extended neo scav and Mighte mod of doom, imposible?

Merge extended and MMOD, this is posible? If answer yes-Why don't merge them?

Nope, it's not. They are changing simply too many of the same data, in different way. The merge would be, technically, possible, but it would be a TON of work which would get all undone by an update to any of the mods. Plus, it would be a Frankensteinian patchwork monster, not really playing either as the Extended or the Mod of Doom :D

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The next game update should make using multiple mods easier, but there is still the issue of mods overriding the same base game data. In this case the last loaded mod would override the changes made by the others.

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It is possible, just highly unpractical, as they interfere with base mechanics. Most mod that edit base game items and mechanics are usually not compatible with any other mod, it is the sad fact.

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