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Cursed Feral Dogs

I'm hooked... this game has me totally addicted!

However, I have one massive complaint... these damned dogs! Even when I'm hiding, in a high-concealment campsight, I keep getting attacked by dogs. Slowly, inexorably, I get killed. It may take five, it may take five dozen... but I can't seem to go more than a few hours without a dog finding and attacking me, and even if I kill two or three dozen, they keep coming!

Can I make two or three quick suggestions for the game (if any development is still ongoing):

1) Ability to build traps for around your camp - something that'll deal damage and/or slow down potential attackers.
2) Reduce the number of feral dogs - even just slightly... it seems like dogs have gone rampant and reproduced like rabbits!
3) Possibly add the ability to build lean-to's and other makeshift shelters?

You are probably staying too long around Cryo, where the concentration of dogs is highest. They are hardly a problem anywhere else, but they will pick up your scent and start attacking you all the time if you stay there too long.

This game is meant more as a roaming around survival game not a base building one, which sounds like how you're trying to play it. Which is a perfectly natural assumption btw, I made that mistake myself for a long while, it's actually what most survival games expect you to do. ;) But here the idea is basically to travel around with the few things on your back and discover the story while trying to survive.

Still, if you enjoy making bases for longer, there's no reason why you couldn't, but at least choose a somewhat safer location, Cryo is one of the worst ones: right in the middle of Dog Central, and very close to the Headquarters of a notorious gang. Not a great place for a housewarming party. XD Some mods may also allow more base-building stuff, so you might wonna shift through them, though none of them (atm) seem focused on that type of gameplay. But maybe we'll see something like that in the future.

As for the lean-to, there already exists the possibility to create a tarp shelter (tarp, two branches, two medium threads is the basic recipe) but be careful when using it. It helps protect you from the elements, but it also makes you more visible, so more enemies may notice your location and come after you.

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There's a couple of problems with the assumption that you "aren't supposed to stay around Cryo."

1.) Because there are two items (HVAC and Lighting) that are permanent improvements to the installation, it is presumed that the player is intended to take advantage of them. Otherwise, there's no point in having them there. As an aside, it doesn't make much sense that we can't shut the door or build a barricade if we're camping at Cryo to keep anything without opposable thumbs out. If dogmen or Bad Muthas want to break in, I can accept that. Not dogs.

2.) A high concentration of hostile creatures that end up killing the player time after time at the start of the game can lead the player to think that "this is the standard, and things will only get worse from here on out." This is discouraging.

There's difficult, and then there's repeatedly throwing yourself against a wall. When that spike occurs right at the start, before a player has time to learn the nuances of the game let alone arm and equip themselves with the tools necessary to tackle the obstacle, then there's a problem. That's not difficult, that's just punishing.

I have been waiting to actually explore the game's story and content until after beta, as I didn't want to heavily spoil myself on it. Now that it's launched, I am effectively locked out of it because of this punishing difficulty spike at the start of the game. Seriously, 5 dogs, followed shortly after by 4, tearing me apart? Not even combat builds seem to help here.

I realize this could just be poor RNG, and time will tell whether that's so, but at the moment I'm missing that sense of enjoyment I got during development.

So I can understand some of the frustrations regarding the dogs.

ahh so that's why people recommend not staying around the cryo lab. but to be honest most of the time I find the dogs more useful then not but my skills include melee, ranged, and metabolism (the red one). so I usually have no problem dealing with them. the plets are welcome for selling later as vest and the meat is good nutrition. especially since I dropped trapping and botany. a sling and broad spear deal with them pretty easily.

there was only one time it got problematic. one night 4 dogs showed up together. I managed to survive but I used lethal trap one or two times. and I read that won't be available that early in the future. I'm not sure how often 4 dogs show up together. I only had it happen once. and I always stay at the cryo lab until I have a full inventory (including a vehicle) of decent stuff to sell, then I head to DMC.

@OP: did you build noise traps? with 4 in the cryo lab you usually get woken up although they are fairly close still. and it looks like you'll need to handle combat better. one and even two dogs starting off at range should not be able to hit you in most cases. or does your character not have any combat skills? a broad spear and a sling can do wonders if used right.

Ah, see I was sticking to the cryo lab to try and repair the equipment... now I know :)

I generally take either Ranged or Melee, and it wasn't so much them getting me in my sleep as just... well, coming wave after wave, like zerglings!