A Tired Life- Alone I Stand, Forever

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A Tired Life- Alone I Stand, Forever

Part 1: Intro

The light on the horizon, signaling a new day upon the wastes.
All that remains of the metal forest are husks of homes and towers, long since burnt.
Among these towers are the dead who populated them, they looked at their homes as a safe haven, only to be denied the truth.
This is now the home to nobody, but below in the subway system, light flickers, illuminating the walls.
People converse about daily tasks and things they have seen, and will never forget...

"Please... can't you tell us one more? Yeah, just one?" the children asked, crowding around Jack, or Wolf Skin, as they sometimes called him, due to his patchwork apparel, that covered most his skin.
"Okay, just one..." Jack began, "How about... why they call me Wolf Skin?"
"No, not that one... we already know that one," cried the kids
"No, the real reason they call me Wolf Skin..." said Jack, "It began in this very city..." he added before the kids could respond.