"Makeshift Caster Wheel" Recipe Idea

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"Makeshift Caster Wheel" Recipe Idea

I already added such recipe to my game and it currently take:

- mechanic skill;
- the usual "pliers & Philips-head screwdriver" ( aka a multitool) ;
- a discrete amount of small parts (I made it need 20 of them, but even half would be enough, I guess) ;
- a shoe sole ( or even more than one, if you guys prove it to be more fair) .

Before calling it a "cheat-mod" consider how this "Makeshift Caster wheels" can be made to degrade a little faster than proper "caster wheels", but even more than that, such recipe would make the mechanic skill a little more useful than it currently is.

Same for the cart based vehicles, which would become a more viable solution to your "pack rat needs", and especially for the box cart, of which "rarest" ingredient would become the cardboard boxes.

Let me know if you have considerations to improve, or discard, this proposal..

I actually like this idea. Mods are about making the game in what you want it to be, so everything goes. I do think 20 small parts is a bit excessive though, considering you need 4 times that. Plus, finding the frame is hard enough, the wheels being easier to craft and replace is a good idea.

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