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Time of day

My game now gives a time (16 minutes past the hour). Before it just said dawn, dusk, morning, evening.

Anyone know what times correspond to which time of day. So far i think 5pm is dusk.

Also why did it change?

I don't remember the exact hours at which each time of the day starts, but that should be really easy to check out - on the turn the log window shows "It is now morning" (or some other warning) check the time ;)

And the precise time itself is shown on the time/weather icon if you are carrying a timepiece on you. There are no classical watches in the Neo game. Any powered device, like iSlab or Smartphone, serves as one, however.

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Here are the hours with the corresponding time of day:

05:00 Dawn
09:00 Morning
13:00 Day
17:00 Evening
19:00 Dusk
22:00 Night
00:00 Night (still) - Date advances, Shop contents reset

Seeing the actual time of day is a result of using a device with a clock (phone, tablet, etc.)

Thank you so much. This helps with knowing when to switch on lights so i dont spend a turn blind.