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v1.0 character builds

Has anyone come up with a really good character build post launch? All the suggestions ive seen have more skills than i can pick.

By the way heres my character - RED: Myopic, Metabolism; BLUE: Ranged, Strong, Tough, Botany.

RED: Myopic, Metabolism; BLUE: Melee, Strong, Tough, Trapping.

Is full easy mode, you start with the dogman coat.

When you have the tools to make clean rags (a pan or can) to treat the wounds go up to ZomZoms and pick up both legendary skills by fighting a few times picking a few times "Melee" then "Trapping". Then have Myopic fixed at HHC (the 1000$ option is enough for a while) Then go to ATN to replace the board spear with a warclub.

Then do whatever you like

RED: Fragile; Blue: Ranged,Mechanic,Electrician,Lockpicking,Hacking,Tracking,Athlethic,Hiding

I took fragile instead of feeble, because I like to run around with 2 guns. Dropping fragile and Ranged is also an option, but I like to play a ranged character, when meleefights are so much more lethal in comparison.

The early availablitiy of the "legendary" combatskills make the game quiet easy and with a little bit of luck you are able to hunt dmc guards after the first 10 turns.

So the best thing about this build would be, that you should be able to go through most routes in the story encounter.

The upcoming patch will fix the problem with the "legendary" reputations being obtainable too soon, so I would not design any character builds based on that.

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Well, it's good to hear that the "legendary" skills get some changes. But the build doesn't rely on it, they just make it faster to obtain gear and money.

Lockpicking is one of the best skills early to increase the amount of loot you get. The chance to get loot out of abandoned houses and appartments gets increased by more than 1/3 and you don't rely on a crowbar to open those valuable locked buildings. Not to forget that it opens up a lot of possible storypaths.

Hacking is there for story encounter and getting a jackpot from time to time.

Athlethic + Ranged + Hiding make sure that you will have an easy time against all those enemys that want to meleefight you (so nearly all of them), since you can run away safely and increase the amounts of fights you fight on plains, instead of towns. Not to forget the extra move you get from Athlethic.

Mechanic gives you the travois and again story encounterpaths. Same goes with electrician and Tracking.

Tbh I think that trapping is really overrated, the sleeping bag encounter in the early game make fires worthless without botany, since a water tester is so much better (you can test 100 water for 1 move, while you elsewise just get 5 sterilized water), sure it takes electricity and a bit of space, but a laptopbattery holds 240 charges so you won't run out of it. And thanks to lockpicking getting lighters and clean bottled water isn't really a problem anyway.
And most trapping story paths are also accessable with tracking or eagle eye.

Ok so botany is out and insomnia, hacking, lockpicking are in. Hopefully i can actually get some useful stuff now before i get hypothermia or my feet fall off with blisters.

My Build:
Traits(Blue):Melee, Trapping, Medic, Tough, Tracking, and Metabolism

Starting I usually kill the Dogman at start and use my trapping skills and a glass shard to skin the dogman and get the dogman fur coat. Medic allows you to identify pills and adds some extra healing capabilities Medic also allows you to see the PainTolerence meter Immunesystem meter(usually when it drops indicates you are sick) and your bloodsupply meter(self explanatory). Tough, while im not sure or it MAY be just luck, allows me to drink water without getting sick as easily(I do *occasionally* get sick from dirty water but I rarely do with tough) and Tough also increases your immune system.Tracking displays info on tracks(the red footprint icons in the top right of the hex) as in what creature they belong to and helps in some encounters. and metabolism(BLUE) decreses the rate at which your hunger and hydration bars decrease. Insomnia,in my opinion, is more of a Boon than a Bane as it makes you restless allowing you to be easily woken up negating the purpose of noise traps(SOMETIMES not always) and is still fixable later in the game(for a price).

-----------/___._\ THEIR ALWAYS WATCHING
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---------/-<(( ))>-\ EVERY BREATH
--------/__"-...-'__\ EVERY STEP
-------/'___|__|_____\REPOST OR THE MERGA WILL SPOOK YOU


-Metabolism is 2 edged sword, but slight boost to healing is welcomed
Myopia can be healed
Ranged&Melee are good for combat
Medic is good to identify pills and boost healing
Hacking is good for acquiring valuable data and is useful at certain encounters
Mechanic is good to make money (50$ binoculars>>>2* 40$ monocular>>> 2* 52$ strapped scope), also vehicle crafting and encounter options are nice bonuses too
Electrician is good for certain encounters

Besides Mechanic+Electrician are needed to craft Gauss rifle
And Scoped Gauss rifle + Ranged is devastating combo :)

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

I managed to win the game with this guy:
Abilities: Medic, Melee, Botany, Hacking, Trapping
Flaws: Myopia, Metabolism
I've tried quite a few others - but in my experience it is very hard to survive the beginning without a combo that gives the dogman coat. Melee is also absurdly useful in combat once you craft the Broad Spear. Most expendable for my build is Hacking - I just included it for roleplaying - I imagine Philip as libertarian-survivalist hacker that studied martial arts as a hobby. I'd be interested to hear if the game is beatable without some kind of combat skill - or with the Feeble flaw. Also - the Insomnia flaw could probably be added but I just find managing it too boring.

It is beatable without any combat skills and also without any of the "convenience" skills, like tough, botany and trapping. It needs much more careful and tactical play, you need to rethink and adjust strategies to take maximum advantage of the skills you do have, and it isn't for new players. You will die a few times more. ;)

Feeble is a tough one though. I have never had a very long run with it. I've played with all flaws, and I find feeble the most punishing when it comes to long term survival. But playing sandbox with it and seeing how far you can take it is fun. :)

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I think Feeble deserves at least another point or two, if not more.
I must admit I haven't tried Athletic as a substitute for one of the combat skills (making it easier to run away from fights) - I guess not being athletic myself I find it hard to roleplay as an athlete! But this is one of the things that makes it a very well designed game - you can choose skills amendable to your play style and desired challenge level.

I've played through about fifteen times now, trying different builds. I haven't tried a totally non-combat build yet.

My current build (intended for an endurance "how long can you last" play through) has Metabolism as a flaw (red), and Melee, Ranged, Mechanic, Botany, Hiding as perks (blue).

I could have taken something besides Ranged, but I wanted to be able to use guns/bows at their maximum range (you only get half as much range without the actual Ranged skill). Trapping would be a decent substitute for Ranged, if you aren't into distance combat. It gives you a bunch of useful benefits, but it isn't required to win/survive.

Melee is the most useful skill in the game, to me. It improves your Defense (chance of not getting hit by the enemy) more than any other perk. You get to make Broad Spears, which are the best melee weapon in the game, because they have a range of 3 hexes. If you are surprised while sleeping or traveling, the enemy almost always starts close to you - where Melee is most useful.

Botany is second most useful skill in the game to me, now. It provides food, water, and medicine (bark tea) - and the food doesn't have to be cooked over a fire to be eaten, nor cured with ashes to slow down its decay. (I also use the poison mushrooms and berries I find, but that is a topic for a different post). Not having to spend time and resources lighting a fire, just to cook my food, is a big deal in the long run - and not having to light a fire as often means its easier to avoid attracting attention.

Hiding is great skill, especially paired with Melee. It lets you sneak into spear range if you want to ambush someone, or it lets you sneak away if you come across something you don't want to fight. The best way to avoid dying of injuries in this game is to avoid getting injured in the first place. Armor helps, Melee skill helps more, not getting spotted by the enemy helps the most. In the real world, nature punishes creatures who draw too much attention to themselves - discretion is the better part of valor and all that.

Mechanic lets you build vehicles (most importantly, the Travois) which lets you carry more gear at one time without being burdened. They are easily replaced, and they can be dropped at the beginning of combat if needed (just remember to pick it up after combat!) Having a vehicle means you don't have to take Strong just to haul more loot.

I don't like to take Myopia as a flaw (red), even though you can cure it later at the DMC with surgery. Not being able to see enemies who surprise you (while sleeping, for example) can quickly kill you in the early game. Surgery is expensive, and gathering the money to pay for it takes a little time and effort - all while you are under the Myopia flaw. Most strategies for starting with Myopia rely on "make a beeline for the DMC as fast as you can" which kind of limits your options in the early game as well.