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Modding Options

This is more of a concept idea not a direct modding idea but it expands the modding capability.

Weapon damage types, the base game has 2 types of damage and 1 state, blunt, slash and whether or not it can pierce armor. From what I can see, there should be damage and resist type that can be edited like container types(Example: column name="DamageType">1=1.0,2=0.5,3=0.0</column>) and there should be 5 basic damage types in game, with more addable in mods, those being blunt, slashing, piercing, ballistic, and energy, if implemented, one could literally make acid/corrosive weapons, fire weapons, electric and even explosive damages. Armor can also have a similar thing, only it would state ResistType, allowing much more modular armor types, ballistic vests may be good at stopping bullets, but is more vulnerable to melee, some hardened plates may be good against slashing and piercing, but blunt weapons dent and smash it with little resistance.

The ability to make variables is also a good one, though thresholds work for that right now, implementing a bar or other indicator is not possible right now, making some functions not possible.

Anything else modders want to see possible in base coding?

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