Operation Inbox Zero, and Bugs

This morning, I decided to tackle some of the stale emails in my inbox. I had probably two dozen emails in there dating back to 2013 that were no longer actionable. Even after the clean-up, I still have some old ones in there, but the size is less than half now. Operation continues...

Apart from emails, I also continued my bug fixing. Today, I fixed up some holes in the Parkade rental system. It should now allow item access when kicking you out, so it's easier to retrieve items before leaving. I also added a 24 hour warning condition, to let players know their rental is expiring soon. It should appear as a floaty, message in the log, and as a condition when it appears.

There was also a bug that allowed head-butting dogs and drones, so I fixed that.

One of the trickier bugs fixed today involved camps. Save/load was forgetting which camp the player saved, and this took me a while to figure out. Over an hour, in fact. As it turns out, this was a combination of me forgetting how Array.splice() works (a regular occurrence) and me trusting the SharedObject system to store a Dictionary (hash table). Flash's SharedObject system is not always friendly with Dictionaries, so I basically had to rewrite the saving/parsing code to convert it to simpler pieces each way. At least it's working again.

I also fixed a bug that caused item duplication in crafting. It appears that if an ingredient was socketed in a slot and degraded during crafting, the game would leave a 0% condition copy of it in the slot. This would allow infinite item dupes, and I wonder if this might be the source of the various "item duping" crafting bugs (like arrows) I see here and there. Would make sense if the ingredients were socketed, and would be tricky to find since I'd be focusing on the specific item type instead of where it was stored. In any case, this is now fixed, too.

Still plenty more to fix in the coming days, but we're making progress. See you tomorrow!


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I would question why I can't head but a dog or drone!

Still not tempted to add anything new? :P

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Mostly because it's silly, I suppose. But hey, at least you can still headbutt a Merga Wraith!

On a side note, it'd be neat if there was a grapple move, denying opponent from moving (changing their distance from you) until they break off. Kind of like tackle, only not requiring both combatants to go prone, and still allowing both to attack, but not move. That would give you an option to spend less endurance while chasing down your opponents, but put you in a risky position as well, because they would be more likely to fight back if their option to blindly run away is gone.

Good to have you back, dcfedor. Hope you had a nice rest from the development hell. Hopefully you can start developing your next project soon, because I'm sure you're sick of NS by now. :) It sure could still use some love, but I figure you probably want to move on already.

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Check out NSExtended mod -- grappling is already implemented there.
Mods can give a real boost to the life of a game, so it's great D's put such effort into making them possible.

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@matsy, one word: altitude :)

As for adding new things, I'm mainly focusing on fixes at the moment. I want to add some more modding support to free up more possibilities there, too. And I'm likely to add more "quality of life" type features, such as yesterday's 24h Parkade warning.

Probably no new gameplay features, though. As Rovlad points out, NS has been 4 years in the making, so I'm anxious to move forward. NS obligations will likely still be a thing for a while, but Haxe is calling my name...

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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...head-butting dogs and drones...

Head-butting dogs? Head-butting drones? I got to try that before a download the patch then. I should make a montage of it.