[W.I.P.] ZoneWizards Modding Resources

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[W.I.P.] ZoneWizards Modding Resources

Hi folks,

As the thread name makes mention, this is a thread for my Modding Resources. In short, I am making my pixel art available for anyone to use in Neo Scavenger. Just add a credits file to your mod with my handle for "Art &/or Ideas- ZoneWizard". I don't ask much if you decide to use my work, just the credit.

Periodically (every couple of weeks) I plan on uploading more art and ideas to the main package.

Updates will be by date. Roughly once a month(unless nothing new comes to me):

ZoneWizard Neo Scav. Item Art-
Get the main package here:

Small new items-

Adds a Camo hat and camo Boots. Checkem out if ya like.



January, 06, 2015
Older Pack

As a friendly reminder, these files ARE NOT a mod...yet. The files are for mod makers to use in their mod.

How to make a request:
Need pixel art? Have ideas to use such art in a mod? Post a request in my thread or PM me with requests. I do not always have internet access available to me. So allow around 2 weeks for a reply. Sometimes I can read the forum but cannot reply, so if you post a request on my thread. I can possibly complete it by time I reply(assuming I can do as requested). The people requesting artwork who already have mods available here will get my attention. Not trying to be mean to anyone, but I want to know the work will be used and not just "hey! make 20 items and uh...let us hope it gets used...maybe >_>" Some of my art can take 5 hours because I also write up a .txt document detailing the function and ad information on how it would work for ease of use to modders.

A mod you say?? 0_0

Yeah I did technically make a small mod for the game that can be directly added without any coding. I didn't like having the main characters hands & feet not marked as left and right. So that is what the mod does. It changes nothing in regard to game play.

To install the Hands & Feet mod:

Unpack the packed images and copy/paste them to the Neo Scavenger "img" folder and overwrite when asked. Done.

The original art is by Dan of course. All I did was add L & R to them. I played with this in my game for awhile and became so use to it I didn't even think of it as a mod. But I did make the Ambidextrous trait icon in the hopes that Kaaven and/or Chico will combine these to make the Ambidextrous trait. That would be nice =D

If you need any help, I've made some icon pictures if you want to see them?

In a few minutes I'll be upping more stuff. Post what you like but if it is a resource, keep in mind anyone can use it =D

On a side note; if I could code, I'd add random stuff to the game...but alas I cannot figure it all out =(
(So I play mighty mod >_>)


Hey! So I'm not that good at pixel art and I flipped threw and say your pop can art. As this is a modding resource, I would like to use it in my mod.

My Mod: I-Neo-More Remastered
- Jake

Actually I think I will make my own mod, I think you would much rather have your own styles to yourself in this resource pack.

Thanks for the interest.

To point out something regarding any game Modders Resource. Such things are to be used as they are given out with the express permission implied. So in short, nobody has to request to use anything I post. I just ask people to give me credit for whatever I make.

On that note, the request thing is about people asking me to create artwork for them. I have no problem with anyone asking me for art for their mod. I only ask for credit for whatever I make.

Cheers everyone! =D

Oh and sorry I don't have anything new this time. I kinda did everything I came up with and nobody has asked me for anything. Soooooo....nothing new at the moment. Also, I still am on the fence about adding encounter artwork. That one I posted was an example piece. I should also point out that it did work well. It just doesn't have any connection to any encounters for the game.

Sorry to anyone wanting items. But I will not be doing much of anything new. Kinda lost my interest in the game. Anyway, was fun for short while.

Although I check the forum once in awhile. I doubt I'll feel motivated enough to make anything new.

Cheers and good luck =D