Tips on mod folder structures for new modders

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Tips on mod folder structures for new modders

After reading this thread, I wanted to chime in with my two cents (actually more of a cheeky request) for "modding newbies":

When you're creating your mod, I'd personally suggest that you use a file structure similar to:

"Mods\*yourmodname*\Mod" = new content (a new weapon, for example)
"Mods\*yourmodname*\Over" = "overwrite" content (changing a treasure table to add your new weapon, for example).

Not only is it easy for you to keep track of what does what, but it also makes "modular" mods easier and less cluttered. For example, I sometimes have extra subfolders like "Mods\*yourmodname*\Merge_MmMoD" if I'm including optional compatibility with another mod like MmMoD, which can be activated using different getmods.php files.

For example, the folder tree of your hypothetical mod (that adds a new switchblade weapon to the game) might look like this:

"Mods\SwitchbladeMod\Mod" = new switchblade weapon and graphics)
"Mods\SwitchbladeMod\Over" = edits to the vanilla weapon tables to include the new switchblade)
"Mods\SwitchbladeMod\Over_MmMoD" = as above, but also includes MmMoD's changes to the same tables, for compatibility)
"Mods\SwitchbladeMod\Patch_MmMoD" = adds the switchblade to some of MmMoD's new exclusive tables, for compatibility)

... with the resulting getmods.php looking like this (for use with the vanilla game only):

nRows=2 &strModName0=SwitchbladeMod &strModURL0=Mods/SwitchbladeMod/Mod &strModName1=0 &strModURL1=Mods/SwitchbladeMod/Over

... and this (for an optional MmMoD cross-compatible version):

nRows=8 &strModName0=FoD &strModURL0=FieldsofDead &strModName1=0 &strModURL1=FieldsZero &strModName2=MoD &strModURL2=M(m)MoD &strModName3=0 &strModURL3=MoDZero &strModName4=SwitchbladeMod &strModURL4=Mods/SwitchbladeMod/Mod &strModName5=0 &strModURL5=Mods/SwitchbladeMod/Over &strModName6=MoD &strModURL6=Mods/SwitchbladeMod/Patch_MmMoD &strModName7=0 &strModURL7=Mods/SwitchbladeMod/Over_MmMoD

These are far from "golden rules" and are really just my own [i]personal[i/] way of doing things (the two biggest mods for the game, MmMoD and NeoScav Extended don't follow this structure, and of course work wonderfully) but it is something I'd suggest new modders consider, especially when making smaller mods that your players might want to run together with other mods at the same time.

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