Any MoD's working for version 1.0

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Any MoD's working for version 1.0

Just curious if there is any MoD's out there that is working properly with v1.0? If so can someone give links to them. Thanks in advance.

All of mine should work just fine with v1.0. The only bug reports I've had so far are due to incompatibility with other people's mods being updated and me not keeping up with them. Everything of mine (check Kaaven's master list for 'Banjo' authored) are tested with NeoScavenger 1.0.

As far as I know, both MmMoD and NeoScavenver Extended are bug-free on 1.0 too (I play them, especially MmMoD, a lot on that version).

The only major mods I know that *aren't* compatible are the Officer Mod and Makeshifter mod.

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