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Just out of curiosity, what would you have to use blood thinners for in this game? On the neo scavenger wiki it says atrial fibrillation and pulmonary embolism and links to wikipedia. Does this happen in the game or is it just a trading item?

It is only harmful. You can safely sell them off. If you play without the Medic skill however, it won't be distinguishable from a useful pill of the same color.

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ahh ok thanks, ive found a bunch of different weird meds so far, good to know.

Doesn't warfarin decrease chance of a heart attack?

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The heart attack only occurs when your chest is 90%+ wounded


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When you get 100% damage to the chest, you get a cardiac arrest, which really only means your heart stopped.

Hearth attack, per se, is not in the game as a sickness of debuff. But yeah, Warfarin drug is an anticoagulant, which means it is widely used by people with certain kind of hearth problems.

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Doesn't fighting while sedated give you a chance of a heart attack? Would warfarin be useful in this situation?

As I said, there is no heart attack in the game. Your heart will only stop when you're killed ;)

Warfarin was introduced into the game to make the Medic skill more useful and drugs more varied. When not identified, Warfarin pills look exactly the same as antibiotics but eating them is harmful (they make your blood thinner, making your wounds more "bleedy" and your body generally weaker) instead.

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Yeah, as Kaaven says, it's more of a game balance thing. In real life, they have a purpose (which is usually to prevent blood clots from damaging the heart in high-blood-pressure patients). However, in the game, it is only ever a drawback to have blood-thinners, as it reduces the rate of blood-clotting in wounds, and there is never any situation where blood-clotting damages your heart.

The heart-attack (cardiac arrest) we see in-game is a special kind of heart attack. Namely, the kind that happens when the heart is physically destroyed by trauma. No pills for that, I'm afraid :)

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