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Learning New Skills

This idea has been floating in my mind for some time now...

If you can get new skills from the HHC Eye Augmentations, why wouldn't your char be able to pay some sort of ''Courses'' or other way to learn some Skills? I mean, Eye Surgery already removes your Myopia and gives you Eagle Eye, so why shouldn't you be able to go to some sort of Educational Institution and learn skills like Electrician and Hacking?

Of course, just like the Eye Augmentations's substantial price tag, such tuition services would also be very, very expensive (which isn't too far fetched from how RL is, hahah).

Also, so far, I think that you should only be able to learn minor skills (like Hacking, Electricity, etc.) which won't allow a high-end char to simply learn Strong, Tough and Melee, and become a relentless killing machine (where would be the fun in that? Part of what makes this game so enjoyable is how ''normal'' Philip feels; to the point you can identify yourself with him.).

Plus, given the futuristic Cyberpunk-esque place that the DMC is, all of this ''Learning'' could be just installing a chip in your brain and DLing the info onto it.

So far, I think that the skills available and their prices should go like this:

-Hacking <3000$> (This skill is used very few times and has no impact on Combat. However, all those moments in which you make use of it, it becomes pivotal to surviving, like with the SkyCorps Hooverbike.)

-Electrician <5500$> (Just as with Hacking, this skill is used very times, but it's necessary for end-game stuff like creating the HGR)

-Mechanic <$10000> (This skill comes pretty handy on many situations, like building Vehicles or escaping a ZZ's Deathbot. So, having it can affect a couple things which could upset balance. Hence the price tag)

-Medicine <$25000> (Now this is the big boy! A skill as pivotal as Medicine could really upset the game's balance. Hence, the prize tag; if you survive long enough to save all those grands, then you're already good enough that it won't upset the game's balance)

This sounds like something more suitable for a mod than anything else.

As mind to body,
so soul to spirit.
as death to the mortal,
so failure to the immortal.

-Such is the price of all ambition.

What's about that system?
We have three ways.
Go to the specialist and learn.
So... As example, at ATN enclave we can learn medical and botany skill from doctor, this is takes many time. five or more days. At all this time you must do something.
You go to the doctor.
Getting quest to make something, as example 100 clean rags and trade em on outpost during this time.
Or botany - You muat eat one poison berry of all types and eat three edible berries of all types.

Use way of blake. Read his post.

OR we can read special book some turns (ten, as example) and learn this skill.

It's a great idea I just think the way your going about it is off

Learning some of these ability's like hacking and Medicine are very specialize, and would require years of training for whats required of Phillip in some of these scenarios, and I think because of this the skills are also related to Phillips way of thinking too, and thus we see the world differently from having lack of skills, and a trip though the dogman apocalypse is not likly going to teach us how to do stuff. However I do think that there's some room for filling the gaps in some fields of expertise though the use of tools and equipment, so Here I will suggest a few ideas on how some one could get by some problems they may encounter.

-Boot Disk: A Windows/Macintosh Boot disk found in some old decrepit office building, can be used in place of the hacking skill to start a computer back up to factory settings. A boot disk would be rare to find, but can get a computer into working order for sale.

-Bettys Beatrix Book of Bottony Hard cover: A book that when crafted with identifys if the plant is toxic or not. When used it should tell the players that Black berry's are always safe to eat, Red berry's are some times toxic, an never eat white berrys, as well as a little bit about Michigan, its also quit a large book.
-Betty Beatrix Book of Bottony App: the same as the book but its now on your smartphone and iSlab.
-ATN Services: The ATN should offer to identify Plants if asked by some kind of specialist.

-DrApp: A helpful self diagnosis tool. When used the app allows you to see your Blood, Immune system, and Pain, and it suggests a vague ideal on what to do. If all Bars are at 100% it tells you you have cancer, a Bug in its programming.
-Sprawl Clinic: The Sprawl should have some kind of clinic, with even more exorbitant prices than Haggerty Health Clinic. They Offer a Drip to rehydrate you, to clean your wounds, and alcohol to clean you're wounds, chance on visit you can get a debuff to your health from cross contamination with other survivors.

Now for more fantastical stuff

Augmentation: (Unobtainable if Feeble or Frail or has Metabolism debuf) Player opts to under go a nano surgery that replaces some of there muscle tissues with permanent Nano structures that (insert causes science here) in turn Allow the user to undergo further surgery for NSF "Nano steel Frameworks" (Toughness) to protect there internal organs, NTC "Nano Twitch Capacitors" (strength) and MmDP "Muscle-memory Defensive Parameters" (Melee) the Penalty is that each surgery will add a tag on to a debuff like Metabolism, totaling to a: +100% food consumption ,+200% water consumption, 8+ Healing per hour.

I also had an idea for learning, and that's to have some one upload the memory of a dead person into your head with the use of advanced technology, like a lazer beam of sorts implanting a memory into you mind, and thus give your self Schizophrenia in the process.

-DrApp: A helpful self diagnosis tool. When used the app allows you to see your Blood, Immune system, and Pain, and it suggests a vague ideal on what to do. If all Bars are at 100% it tells you you have cancer, a Bug in its programming.

I support this idea, completely. Every time I look at WebMD it seems I have either cancer, ebola, or lupus.

Actually I really like the ideas here, in general. The best way to "learn" skills in-game would be through various reference materials like this or the Botany book, which functional act as a skill.