Contracting (if that's the word) Wendigo status

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Contracting (if that's the word) Wendigo status

I just had a quick question about cannibalism in the game and turning into a Wendigo. In short, can you get this by eating Dogmen?

If the answer is a simple yes or no great, if not and you would like some context, read on:

I did search the forum and although I found some interesting posts from when the idea of turning into a Wendigo first made it into the game, I could not find precisely what I was looking for. For context, on a recent playthrough, I died due to an encounter then I noticed on the final moments screen that I had progressed to Wendigo stage 2, unbeknownst to me, and apparently ready to go to stage 3. This was perplexing to me because, as far as I know, I never ate any human meat nor did I suffer any negative effects from it. Not even at Zom Zom's. In fact I avoided Zom Zom's altogether until I was ready to meet the Stoat and take the job. I don't know much about cannibalism in the game because I have never done it on any of my playthroughs with the exception of the first few plays, eating at Zom Zom's because I didn't know any better, or getting my meats mixed up if I killed man and animal on the same hex. Since then I've always been very careful because I didn't know what the consequences were but I figured they were negative so why do it? At any rate I'm quite certain that I never ate any human meat on this last playthrough but I have to assume I must have by accident at some point but I really don't see how that is possible. The only other thing I can think of is that I eat quite a few Dogmen and dogs as squirrels and deer are inefficient sport to say the least. It occurs to me though that they are not normal foodstuffs and some of the discussion I read seemed to suggest that turning into a Wendigo is more about the taboo than it is anything else and since we wouldn't normally eat dogs in this country I am wondering if dogs and Dogmen are also taboo?

So thanks in advance for your help and thoughts and reading this post!


In short: Wendigo is about cannibalism. You get it by eating humans or humanoids (like Melonheads). You don't get it from dogmen, they are considered animals. It does carry consequences, which can in the longer term be unpleasant, but there is also an interesting ingame way to heal it, so trying it once or twice may not be such a bad idea. I've avoided spoilers, but spoilers are available upon request. ;)

Since if you go to ZomZom's you always eat the meat, almost everyone has Wendigo in almost every playthrough. The starting phase of it doesn't affect you at all though, so you don't need to avoid ZomZom's for that reason. Basically, if all the human meet you eat is that, you are suffering from no ingame consequences. You need to eat some more people for it to start affecting you, and you will get notice of that when/if it happens.

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One important thing about Wendigo is that despite the flavour text suggesting that only human meat will satisfy you, that's not actually true. All food works just as well regardless of whether or not you've become a Wendigo - it's just that your hunger bar will drain a lot faster, generally forcing you to go for more filling meals like medium chunks of meat since berries and mushrooms probably just won't be able to keep up with it (they will still slow it down, though).

Thanks guys!

Well I guess I'll have to try being a cannibal at some point! I guess what I was seeing was the default you get from eating at Zom Zom's. In the end it didn't really matter since I died, haha, but was curious for future playthroughs. Thanks again!

Being a cannival doesn't help completing the game at all, good luck with that...