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Got Crafting Recipe Ideas?

Hey Guys!Since crafting seems to be a favorite on the voting boards today, I was going to work on that system a bit. Anyone got any recipe ideas I should think about?Bonus points if they use ingredients and skills already in the game, but I'll also consider new ingredients. Depending on the item complexity, it could take time to code/draw, but hearing ideas can't hurt!So, let me know what you think!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Off the top of my head:2 scopes + multitool + 4 strings + 4 screws = binocularsMultitool + 4 strings + 2 plastic shopping bag = Strong ropecrowbar + jeans or squirrel fur (for handle) + meat cleaver + 4 strong ropes + multitool = improvised axecrowbar + jeans or squirrel fur (for handle) + 2 frying pans + 6 strong ropes + multitool = improvised terrible maceBranch + 2 rags = torch (dry) burns in 1 turntorch (dry) + 5 lighter fluid or torch + gasoline = torch  burns in 10 turnsRename cooked squirrel meat to "squirrel on a stick"6 squirrel fur + 5 strings + multitool (assuming it has a sewing blade) = Fancy fur hat4 squirrel fur + 3 strings + multitool (assuming it has a sewing blade) = Fancy fur glove (left)4 squirrel fur + 4 strings + multitool (assuming it has a sewing blade) = Fancy fur glove (right, because being right handed it was a little harder to make a gove for the right hand)10 squirrel fur + 9 strings + 8 barks + multitool (assuming it has a sewing blade) = Fancy fur pair of shoes (hippie style!)24 squirrel fur + 20 strings + multitool (assuming it has a sewing blade) = Fancy fur vest40 squirrel fur + 30 strings + multitool (assuming it has a sewing blade) = Fancy fur hoodie60 squirrel fur + 40 strings + multitool (assuming it has a sewing blade) = Fancy fur pantsEmpty soup can + 3 springs + X small item = X jack in a box (for example dead squirrel jack in a box!)10 poisonous items (mushrooms or berries) + water + dim flame (twig fire or toruch) = concentrated poisonX item + concentrated poison = poison coated XAlso, new mechanicSneak + Melee + Strong rope = silent kill (only if you sneak behind the target without being noticed)Will post more as they come to mind.

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Campfire + saucepan + water + stick = campfire + saucepan + purified water.It's a real drag to have to light a new fire for every bottle of water purified, so why not keep the fire going by throwing on another stick?


Lol, great ideas here. I like the humorous ones too, like the squirrel in a box. Maybe not so useful, but entertaining! I'll see if I can get some of these in on my next build.The "keep the fire going" is an interesting concept. I think I can add that using existing systems.About the torch, I was wondering what types of mechanics lights would have in-game. Things like flashlights, torches, etc, would they grant higher view distance at night? Better scavenge results in buildings? Higher chance of being seen by a creature?Also, I read that gasoline actually goes bad over time (like after a few months/years). What do you guys think? Should gasoline still exist in abandoned cars and such, or should it be more realistic, and the gas has gone inert? Or perhaps future tech has made gas preservatives/containers that allow gas to last longer?Keep your eyes out for those recipe hints in-game, as the fur gloves and fur tunic are in there already!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Ideas for light mechanics:Given the scale of the map, I'm not sure that any torch (short of a lighthouse) would be powerful enough to light up anything more than stuff in the hex you're in.  I like the idea of giving better scavenge results.  I think creatures should definitely have a higher chance to see you at night, but not during the daytime.


Well, im sure that biofuel is an option in the futureanyway, here is my idea:bits and pieces (screw variants) x2 = makeshift lockpick (lasts one use? not as good as a professional one?)since lockpics are hard to find, but you dont need lockpicks to pick locks in it self :P


Gas have a shit long self life in them, but after 50 yrs they start to become shiter but still somewhat usable but not as useful when it's 1st made.

Some people still have gas from the 40s and 50s and they still work, but ya it not that useful, but today people how made it life spen longer than before by adding somthing in the mix ( i forgot the name of it )

Also Gas in this game it sould be use a way to making fires to saleing it, becasue oil is like gold in a way something with gas and other things.

Also you have to keep this in mind that gas become more dangerous to use for all you know it can blow you up into a fire bail.

Btw heres one idea the Tin Bomb can be made with bullets you can't use and a tin can

We dont have Gasoline yet? Damn... i just assumed there was gasoline because of Madmax and the vehicle tab, and Madmax of course. Anyway, gas does spoils, but it doesn't go bad as in inert, rather is bad as in it will still burn but isn't fit for modern pussy automovile engines (a volkswagen beetle will prob still run on it, on of the few amazing Hitler's proyects), meaning torches and molotovs are still on the table (well... when i get some beer bootles for the molotovs).Usless items are one of the staples of a great exploration/crafting RPG, on of the things Minecraft does amazingly well (still not a fan of the game). As for the mechanics of the torch... no idea, i dont have enough of a grasp of the game mechanics to do an educated guess, and it's one of the things i love more about it, most of the mechanics are "under the hood" but well implemented, meaning you have to discover what wearing pants does for you.As for more crafting:berries (edible) + 2 strong rope + multitool + Trapping while used on a forest hex = rabbit in that hex the next turnsomething along the lines of (i assume is the right link, cant see it due not being in the US and feeling a little lazy to modify/mask my IP). If its too wacky, you can just add more ingredients to make it realistic, but being a non boy scout, i can't help you with that.Also, yeah, keeping the campfire on sounds like an improvement, and <3 the recipes, a LOT, but i also think there should be way more scarse.

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Forgot a couple more:fresh ash + squirrel meat = ashy meat (last longer, dehydrates?)Campfire + metal saucepan + canned soup = hot soup (same as soup + heat you, can be done without saucepan at the risk of lead poisoning!)

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Hm, good point. I assumed the gasoline would be inert, but maybe just harder to use. I still want vehicles at some point too, so I may need to add some sort of fuel anyway."you have to discover what wearing pants does for you..." Do people in Mexico not wear pants for warmth? I guess growing up in the north is different! ;)More good recipe ideas, too. Does ash really work like that? I could probably also add salt to the game, if that makes more sense. BTW, the Simpsons link didn't work for me either, Hulu hates Canada :PAnd yeah, I think maybe I should tone down the recipe hint loot too. I always get excited when I make a new item, and I add it everywhere :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Don't forget about wood gas, its a very primitive fuel source and works beautifully with the correct components.

Well, wikipedia ( says:<cite>Sometimes meat is buried under conditions which cause preservation. If
buried on hot coals or ashes, the heat can kill pathogens, the dry ash
can desiccate, and the earth can block oxygen and further contamination.</cite>I would assume buring meat on hot ashes for 20 mins or so should help it preseve said meat for a day or two; granted, it won't block the oxygen once it's out of the ash, but it still killed the pathogens and created a dissecated layer on the outside.Also, wtf is wrong with my cite tags?

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Also, after finally managed to consistenly get to be a demigod of the wastelands with my current ability setup, my next objective is to get myself a purple squirrel suit... which leads us to the next crafting recipe:Berries (black/blue) + mortar & pestle (or saucepan and wrench with current items) + Botany? =  purple dyeIt is consistent with current canon on natural dye ( and would allow to get ourselves some pimp stuff!

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Cool. Maybe I can use ashes + meat for longer duration meat. Maybe even ashes + meat + plastic bag for carrying it.

And I suppose it was only a matter of time before dyes came up :)

Re: the cite tags, looks like the wysiwyg editor escapes all html tags, but if you click "disable rich-text" you can type cite, pre, and other tag types.

Also, the wysiwyg allows text formatting using the built-in menu, though it produces hideous code :)

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Can we get tooltips on the known recepies telling us exacly what we need? I'ts a bit odd that my toon knows how to make lockpicks, but don't know what he needs to make them.Thanks, and thanks for being so dedicated to fan petitions, I am amazed how much has the crafting system grown since I started playing.

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You read my mind. That might actually be a good thing to add sooner than later, just because it helps the UI and educates players. I'll take a look!And I'm glad to listen to players! There are lots of good ideas coming from everyone, and I think they'll make the game more fun for all. The trouble is keeping up with it all!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Coal+newspaper/any paper in general=Own notepad


For the thirsty and desperate wasteland hobo (and it seems to be may out there):- Squirrel + Multitool + Trapping = Squirrel juice (spoils very fast, ruins the bottle it's put into, restores thirst and hunger and adds a little warmth).Drinking from animals is an option for the desperate desert traveler, so i just thought it might be an option here too.And if you haven't noticed, Squirrels are my favourite item :D

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I posted this in another thread already but Markofbear recommended I put it here as well:"It would be awesome if when wanting to boil water for purification you could just add the full bottles to the recipe and then get either a purified water with an empty bottle back, or even better a bottle already filled with purified water. Would take some of the somewhat irritating aspect out of trying making purified water."So fire+container+bottle of unpurified water=ash+container+empty bottle+purified water Or even better =ash+container+bottle of purified water  

iSlab + Gasoline + Scrap = Firebomb! You can only make it with electronics and mechanic, otherwise you don't know how. Light whole hex squares on fire! Area denial! The only problem is that enemies can see you very far anyway and the fire often doesn't go away... In fact, it may spread!

<br>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br><br>Hey, your neck looks great! And the back of your head, even better! The computer screen really silhouettes it.<br>

As a new player, I find it a bit hard to actually make suggestions on this topic, simply because the crafting system Is so specific. I was completely lost in the demo, and pretty much only know what the little papers have told me since playing the beta. Basically, feel free to ignore my suggestions if they already exist.Stick + multitool + string x3 = makeshift spearRifle + multitool + bits x3 + string x3 = Rifle w/ improvised bayonetPot + string x2 + bits x2 + multitool = Pot helmet + multitool (could also add some sort of clothing or squirrel fur to this recipe to represent a lining, if needed)Rags + campfire + water + pot = Clean rags + potRags x4 + String x2 + Multitool = Hand wrap (worse than squirrel gloves)Clean rags x 3 = bandageBandage x 2 + Stick x 2 + Medic = splintAlso, if I could throw my two cents in on the vehicle powerplant discussion, I think having vehicles that don't run on fossil fuels not only makes sense on a gameplay logistics standpoint but also in the setting. You wake up in a cryo facility and immediately find nanomachine healing devices if you are a medic, I'd say it wouldn't be that unreasonable for the setting to include long range electric vehicles or something. Plus, it could potentially add an additional layer of usefulness to the electrician skill.


Here are some that I tried ingame and I was honestly surprised that they didn't work.Fire + Water + Pot + Dirty Rag -> Clean RagThen you could use the clean rag for things like bandages as low-powered alternative to medkits (not entirely sure how they work to be honest). Also they would eventually get dirty again over time.3 Sticks + String -> Splint
Reduces movement penalty from injuries starting at "Crippled".
Cleaver + Stick -> TwigsA few other ideas I hadNumbers are just kind of ballpark.Stick + 3 Rags + 5 Lighter Fluid -> TorchTorch + Lighter -> Lit TorchLit Torch -> TorchCannot sneak when held and lit.Cannot be placed in storage when lit.Lit Torch can be used in place of a lighter to start firesSearching with a lit torch indoors increases loot and risk.Increases visual range at night when held and lit.More easily tracked by humans at night when held and lit.Dogmen have a chance to shy away out of fear instead of attacking when held and lit.3 Ash + Shopping Bag -> SmokescreenSingle Use. Attack an enemy with it to delay their next movement, does no damage.Makes them easier to escape if they're human (dogmen can smell your trail).Multitool + Backpack -> 5 Dirty Rags (or cloth maybe) + 5 String + PocketPockets can be attached to compatible items with string to add or increase carrying space.Pot + String + 3 Dirty Rags (maybe) -> Pot HelmetSlightly reduces damage taken in combat. Greatly reduces damage taken from collapsing buildings.Meat + Poisonous Flora -> Poisoned MeatSingle Use.Attack a Dogman with it to delay its next movement, make it easier to escape, and weaken its defense and speed.Also, I guess if that works, then normal Meat would do the first two parts of that.

Got some ideas for new contentCargo pants - Camouflaged pants with lots of pockets, you can carry some stuff in them too(gives small places for example for multitool, food, bullets, etc.Belt - place for sidearm or some small storage (knife, ammo)And overall more item variety, more melee weapons, and guns. But i guess all thins comes later.


Or going off from what you just said: camouflaged clothing period.  A set of clothing that provides a stealth bonus.


Or a camouflage net for camps, for increased concealment? I love the idea of camouflage gear in the apocalypse, especially if you play a bit sniper-like. :)

Some clothing sounds like a good idea!
What about something simple like some sewing tools? It could go like this:
Sewing tools: string+scrap
Now the sewing tool could have all sort of uses.
One could be to "fuse" broken clothes together so we could have something like this:
50% dura. shirt+50% shirt+sewing tool=100% dura. shirt (or even lower, something that could work like the repair button on fallout 3/NV for example)
Another one could be clothes modification so we could add some pockets to our clothes or maybe adding some defense or extra heat.
Something like shirt+fur+sewing tool=warm shirt
Also shirt+multitool+sewing tool=small pocket
small pocket+small pocket+sewing tool=medium pocket....
small/medium/big pocket+shirt+sewing tool=a shirt with some pockets
Of course when I say shirt I really mean all kind of clothes.

Also just a little thing: I think the recipes menu should have less voices for the identify plants. After a while it gets clogged up and you can't find the voice you need for the kind of berries you have and you lose some time reading all the lines one at time till you find that "Identify red berries edible" you need when I think only having one voice is all we really need: "Identify plant", where the game search for all kind of plant that can be identified with the sole combo of "plant"+botany.


Cannibalism.Just saying.


already in the game you can cut up humans and eat them when you kill them you get a corpse

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

*Looks at date* *Facepalms*

Official Trained Dogman

It's refreshing to have this one-on-one communication with the game developer. I'm glad to help you pay the bills.A couple thoughts on survival gear.Plastic Shopping Bag x4 + String x4 = PonchoSoup Can x2 + String x3 + Trapping = Tripwire AlarmBoth are pretty self explanatory insofar as game mechanics would go. The poncho would be a cloak/coat slot item that would provide protection when it rained. The Tripwire Alarm would wake you up if enemies crept upon you while you slept.

Aye, that poncho/raincoat idea seems great.Also the tripwire alarm is already in beta in the new patch, that's awesome.


It is?! Hot damn if dcfendor isn't a mind-reader!

  • Plastic bag + Plastic bag -> Double-layer plastic bag... for extra strength, weight, etc.
  • Plastic bag(s) + container + string -> Rain-water trap
  • Big stick + penknife -> Wood spear
  • Hiding + trapping + spade + plastic bags + twigs + spears = Spear trap
  • Hiding + twigs + string + clothing -> Ghillie suit
  • Tough + penknife + rag -> Blood bait
  • Ranged + rags + string -> Sling
  • Rabbit meat + soup + pot + fire -> Stew
  • Trolley + rucksack(s) + string -> Enhanced capacity trolley (for us gaming kleptomaniacs)

Also, rope opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Hi,How about repairing items you already have? Raise their quality.Multi-tool + bits and pieces  = improved item quality (repaired) for most things.Perhaps multi-tool + item of clothing + bits and pieces = improved clothing/shoesTaking this a little further the improvement you'd get would be related to your 'Mechanic' skill or even an all-round 'Repair' skill.Cheers,Plugger

Whoa; I just posted this as a new thread.  What a great idea ;-)  Sorry if it looks like I stole your idea; I hadn't seen your post yet.


Add packets of dry hot cocoa mix.  Then add the recipe: campfire + cooking pot + hot cocoa mix + water = Hot cocoa (warms you up, provides a few calories and some moisture (purified as well).  Perhaps tea or instant coffee too?


Travois: 3 sticks + 2 bits of string + hospital gown + multitool = multitool + travois (uses both hand slots so must be "dropped" for combat; massive carrying capacity that counts maybe 1/4 toward your own weight capacity).  Travois were all over the NA north and especially the prairies right down into western Michigan before horses and oxen made carts more common (and before cars took over); in a life after I would expect travois to make a come-back.  Easy to make from readily accessible materials and just damned useful.(I don't know the codes to make paragraphs... a little help would be appreciated; point me in the right direction so I can look it up, if you can.)Charcoal.  (Maybe campfire + some skill = charcoal instead of ash).  Ash + charcoal + (well really sulphur, but something else might work) = gunpowderHide + Charcoal = mapsmall campfire + soup can + charcoal + bit of wire = fire in a can (portable fire that smoulders for quite a while and can be used as a source of ignition for later fires)


Stick + String + Ranged = bowStick + string +sharp rock = arrowrock + rock = rock + sharp rock

I've just started playing so maybe I haven't figured out a few things in the vein of bushcraft but it couldn't hurt to pitch a few things.

  • Sharpened Stick: Good for roasting squirrel, or when no other melee weapons are handy. (Multi-Tool + Stick)
  • Chopping Axe: Increases combat effectiveness of the Cleaver, and can be used during forest scavenging to obtain a larger number of medium/large(?) sticks. (Stick + Meat Cleaver + String)
  • Knot Trap: Used to trap small game, deploying several can be effective in obtaining food. (String + Stick + Multi-Tool)

[Prereq: Requires trapping, or alternatively trapping can increase the likelihood of traps being successful]Shelters have already been mentioned, but with the introduction of noise traps to stir players from sleep, what assortment of traps is complete without a:

  • Spike Trap: Chance of injuring/killing an approaching enemy (Sharp Stick + String + Stick + Water(makes wood bend to create momentum for the spikey bit)) [Trapping: increases chances of a successful attack, as well as a kill shot.]

Spike Traps could also be modified with use of spoiled meat to create a trap more alluring to dogmen, while simultaneously creating a virulent trap that will poison afflicted bandits.Successful strikes also cause the target to howl in pain, which would act as an impromptu sound alarm as well. Although if it killed them no sound is produced, being attacked from multiple sources is still dangerous as with the added bonus of killing an enemy, there is the small chance that was the kill you needed to wound an enemy to stir you from your soon to be everlasting slumber.

This'll be embarrassing if it turns out this is what the dirty rags are for, as I can't see any other use for them. Either way I couldn't get them to do anything but here's what I was expecting.Dirty Rags + Water/Purified Water + Pan + Fire = Sterile Ragsthen,Sterile Rags + Twine = Wound Dressing.Wound Dressings would be a stackable item about the size of a shirt that could be used to treat injuries. Worn on the body under clothes (would be good if wounds got locations on the dummy, so they can be applied to the right areas) they degrade during healing and will make a serious wound worse if not changed after a while (say once a day for optimal healing). They'd also give some move range back to Mortally Wounded or Crippled status.I think this'll be a good addition to the camp fire ritual of boiling water and cooking squirrels, (I'm using Daryl in Walking Dead as a guide here (zombie ear necklace to come later)) and a nice low-tech, intuitive alternative to hard to find nano machines.


yep they are just add them,water,pan and get sterile rags or clean rags

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

Bottle + Funnel = Portable rainwater catcher.Or some kind of deployable tub to catch rain in.Funnels could be their own item or Tool+can = metal funnel?The rain may make you colder, but at least you won't thirst to death in heavy rain...

I've enjoyed reading the ideas.  There's a lot of them, so apologies if I repeat someone else's idea - consider the repeats as flattery and items:   needle/sewing kit, machete, tarp, cloth, stone, rock, mud/claynew foodstuffs:   flour, salt, dried meatnew vehicles:   bicycle (adds movement over non-wooded terrain at the expense of fatigue)    * multitool + hardware + backpack + branch (2) = storage upgrade    * bike basket + hardware + multitool = storage upgrade    * bike (2) + multitool + hardware + [Mechanic] = three-wheeled bike (larger storage capacity, limited passable terrain)[Ranged]branch + cordage = crude bowbranch + multitool = wooden arrowrags + cordage + branch = sling shot (uses stone for ammunition)[General]raw meat + cordage + fire + branch (5) = smoked meatbackpack + multitool = crude tarpcrude tarp + cordage + rock + {rainy day} + empty bottle = waterbranch + [athletic] + multitool = staff (small reduction in fatigue and encumberance, barely better weapon than branch)crude tarp (2) + staff (3) + cordage (6) = travois (consider this strong support for the previously posted travois idea)[Trapping] sling shot used while scavenging non-wilderness tiles yields dead feral cats the same way a snare trap yields squirrels in woodland areas.  (We call 'em roof rabbits!  Rat would also work here, but feral cats multiply fast.) feral cat + multitool = raw cat meatcat meat + stick + fire = cooked cat meat pot + fire + raw meat + edible mushrooms + empty can + water = brown stewsquirrel pelts (4) + empty cans (4) + hardware + cordage + multitool = quiver (long, narrow storage item) worn on waistbranch + cordage + hardware = fishing pole  * use of fishing pole in scavenging next to water tiles = fish (which would lead to cooked and smoked fish)  * if you added entrails as a by-product of skinning, you have a bait item.  Otherwise, um, jelly beans?   [Medic]rags + purified water = clean rags/bandagesbandages + [Medic] = nothing tangible, brief boost to healing rate[Hiding]squirrel pelts (4) + [Trapping] + cordage + multitool = moccasins (small stealth bonus, could make these worthwhile by giving hiking boots a penalty) 

I've been trying to put into those words that we should craft crude weapons. These suggestions are great. I also should have read the whole thread before I replied because several people suggested fun new squirrel-based outfits, great ideas. I swear I was going to suggest crafting a bicycle as well, but you beat me to it.

While this isn't a crafting recipe idea, necessarily, I didn't want to start another thread.  It is related.When I backpack, I use a PolarPur treatment system.  Nice little bottle of iodine crystals, couple of caps per quart, wait a half-hour.  We treat all of the water at the same time, usually.   Soon as the water bottles are empty - or we're anticipating a heavy usage or long stretches of trail without water - we drink down as much of the treated water as we can and mix up a full batch.So, I tend to treat the game like that as well.   Line 'em up, get a fire going, treat them all at the same time.   Chasing down my pot and picking up the droplets off the ground got me thinking about the crafting interface.  What if - instead of two boxes (input -> output), there were three:   Input -> Tools/Skills -> Output.   The central box is where you'd put Botany or Trapping, the multi-tool or the fire and pot.  Nothing would disappear out of that central box unless you took it out.  Input and output areas would still function as they do.   

I was thinking of something similar earlier: a "confirm all" button. Select your recipe, hit confirm all, and everything that fits that pattern gets boiled/cooked/skinned. Would definitely cut down on the clicking.


Yeah, batches.   Identifying a stack of berries/mushrooms instead of individually each one.   With water and cooking/skinning, I can see having to do a couple of sets - because that does take some time.  Maybe a distinction between knowledge-based tasks (identifying) and activity-based tasks (crafting)?   That's when putting a timer on tasks would come into play.   (And that may be the mechanic already and I haven't noticed it.)   Doing a whole stack would push the clock forward more than doing a single item.   Fires would degrade based on that timer.  (adding another crafting option of [flammable item] + campfire = longer timer).     That would make scavenging woodlands that much more necessary and restrict cook&boil sessions based on available fuel - something just as important as available water.

I like the ideas coming up on this and I think I have one or two add.When scavenging in towns how about adding garbage bins. I can not think of a house with out garbage bins. it could go garbage bin lid x2 + mulitool + skins or sting x6 = chest plate. gives better defense in melee but is loud, hot and heavy.or garbage bin + backpack+ mulitool = bin backpack. It's bigger (will fit up to crowbar) down side would be heavy and may be loud.One for the gun nuts would be sticks x4 + pipe (from plumbing) + bits + mulitool = home made pipe gun. up side no need to find a gun down side may blow up in your face. another one for the house could be broom + knife (another thing houses have lots of) + sting = spear. It could do more damage than a sharp stick but high chance it would brake in a fight.Another way you you could do the torch is use oil from mobile homes. All cars need oil of some type to make them move and it would last longer than gas. Maybe add a skill or tool to get the oil say mulitool to open sump on mobile home and/or bottle to hold it. I would be cool if you could skin the dogmen. It would add a large shin to the game so making cloths would need less bits to make and you could even go as far as making a dogman suit to fool dogmen in to not attacking. I think this one may be in the game (I have not tried it yet) meat cleaver + poison stuff + mulitool = poisoned meat cleaver. It would weaken the target and over time kill them. I would have it so some of the humans know this and could use it on you. Another type of axe could go crowbar + meat cleaver + string x10 = simple axe. It world work as a crowbar and add to forest scavenging. The down side could be that every time you use it you could hurt yourself. Rags could be used to make cloths warmer e.g. cloths + rags + string + mulitool = padded cloths. If you use clean rags it would last long and be warmer. If you used dirty rags would not last as long and could make you sick. I do not know it you would want to make padded cloths better in melee fighting. One for the islab could be     islab + wire + bits + mulitool + electrician = radar alarm for when you are sleeping or hacking aid. The hacking aid could be of great help when you get in too the city. Another use for the islab could be as a torch.  islab + tin can + string + bits + mulitool = battery torch. It would work better thank the stick with rag torch for scavenging but would last less time say 2 rounds. I hope you can get some thing out of this.    

Since I've already written about these in a different thread, thought I might as well link the more recent crafting idea threads back to here. (I think this forum could use a few more sub-forums so that stuff doesn't get buried so deep for us newbies.)
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God promised an end to all wicked people. Odin promised an end to all Ice Giants. I don't see any Ice Giants...

I found this amazing collection of prisoner made peripheralia. These need to be craftable!

(Especially the surveillance bug thing! How amazing! - True use for electronics skill to alert you of creatures in adjacent/far away grids - and possibly to automatically trigger decoy/shutters.)

God promised an end to all wicked people. Odin promised an end to all Ice Giants. I don't see any Ice Giants...

camp fire + metal sauce pan + 3 squirrel pelts + 5 tannin tea + ash -> 3 tanned squirrel pelts + camp fire + metal sauce pan
tanned squrrel pelts are more durable, sell for more and can be used for tanned squirrel tunic.
See also ->

Sometimes string is found quite sparsely. Therefore:
dirty rags + multi tool -> 5 string

Also I really like the sewing idea from post #22 ->
scrap + string -> Sewing tools

For reparing some clothes, one could use the sewing tools and some string. All clothes should be of the same type, of course.
sewing tools + string + multi tool + clothing a + clothing b -> clothing c + dirty rags + sewing tools + multi tool

the status of the product could be calculated by
f(a,b)= a+(1-a)*b = a + b - ab
So repairing a 80% hoodie with a 50% hoodie would result in one 90% hoodie.

Sewing some tanned squirrel pelts to existing clothing could be a way to make it more weather resistant, durable as well as camouflage.

Player was gored and eaten by a sabretooth tiger.
Survival Time: 48 days, 16.51 hours.