Would something like this be useful?

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Would something like this be useful?


I'm not sure if it already exists, I'm parsing the data from neogame.xml and inserting them in a database

I only have the attack modes view for now but I'd need to make a more flexible system to parse and display the data.
One of the issue is that I don't know what half of the data means (I tried looking at the dev's explanations and there are not a lot of things)


Looks good! I think this would be very useful! To me, at least. Just yesterday I've contemplated about a XML webeditor for the Neo Scavenger data.

I'm currently making a mod that mainly rebalances the late-game, so no new items for now. My current focus are itemtypes and treasuretabels, so a view like this could be very helpful!

Could you give an example of what data you'll need to figure out? Maybe I can help!


I honestly think that actually learning the stuff by experience helps a lot to "master" the material and speeds up the process down the line. But I can also see merit in having such a data-base for reference. So if you need any help, just say so.

For once, that table could really use links (and/or pop-up) to the data it references. For example the stuff in vBaseConditions part are direct references to the ID numbers of each particular condition. Without a quick way to say which condition each of those numbers represents, it is about as useful as notes taken by user on a piece of paper.

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It can be done, if I have all the informations I need

I could link to the faction a creature belongs to, for example

This is actually fairly close to what I use to edit data. The xml is just a dump from a mySQL database I run on my dev machine with all the game data. I use myPHPAdmin to view and edit the data in the database. It doesn't show images, nor does it cross-link (so I only see IDs), but it allows me to search and sort easily.

At some point, I'd like to document all the variables and properties in the game, so modders have an easy time. Until that day comes, though, feel free to ping me about ones that you're getting stuck on!

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Clicking on the "vAttackMode" button in the Dogman puts you in the "claw" attack mode


Right now you can't edit anything but I think it's just a better way to display datas

Yes please!

Often I find myself just wanting to look up vanilla item/weapon/etc. data for comparison and balance for something new I'm adding, and having to scroll around through thousands of lines of neogame.xml can be a real chore.

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