The dreaded Red "X" icon - what does it mean...?

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The dreaded Red "X" icon - what does it mean...?


I don't think that there's a way for me to ask this question without coming across as a total noob, but after a dozen keyword searches, all of which lead to nothing regarding my concern, I've now mustered the courage and desperation to ask the following...

What does the Red "X" icon mean? In terms of experiences that I can draw from, it's appeared when:
(1) I've been in melee battle against a Blue Frog cultist
(2) I've tried killing DMC guards

I assumed that the Red X first appeared after the battle with the Blue Frog cultist because I contracted the disease, but when I thought about it, why would Dan place such a blatant mark for a disease that progresses over time? Much of what makes NS brilliant are all of the subtleties that aren't blatantly declared to the player.

So, if the Red X is not for getting sick, what's it for? That you've been identified clearly enough that your now an enemy of a faction, or...?

Also, how does one get rid of said X?

Red "X" appears when the game fails to load a sprite. If the game is pure vanilla, re-instal it. If you are using some mod, that is where the problem lies, with 99% probability.

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So the big Red X that appears - that's due to there being some other icon missing?

Yeah, I'm playing with a handful of mods right now. Extended, plus all of Banjo's work except for his Classic Skills mod. So, one of those caused an error, that now "flags itself" with the big Red X?

What "should" appear during combat with a DMC guard, and, for that matter, a Blue Frog cultist? That Red X icon hangs around till I stop my own progress, and reload from a previous save that I made using Banjo's Save Game Manager.

Maybe it is a particular item/wound slot that's causing the problem or maybe those mods are creating some random problem conflicting among themselves. Hard to tell, really.

You should ask the creators of the mods in question for support.

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Will do.

Thanks for your help on this. I'll post links to this thread in the other mod makers' threads to redirect them here, in case they have any ideas on possible solutions.

In my experience, it means a mod has the sprite listed in their images php but that there is no actual image file to correspond to it in the img subfolder. Not having the sprite listed causes the game to crash on load, but just having the sprite not there causes the red X. Also in my experience, it usually happened when I forgot or misnamed a "x2" version of a sprite. When do you get the X in the game? None of my so-far posted mods add battlemoves, so I doubt it is mine directly if you are getting it during combat with DMC guards.

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Yeah Banjo, I think that you just hit the nail on the head in regards to the Red X appearing during battle moves.

I'm going to reload a previous save, and try some more ambushes to see when "exactly" that Red X appears.

Thanks for the tip. More details as I get them...

Before I get into the strangeness I experienced tonight, I'd like to point out that in the past, I installed the Officer mod, but, it is NOT listed in the "getmods" file. Perhaps, even though it's not being loaded up, it somehow overwrote some image files that are now creating the Red X to appear?

I've since installed two different updates from the Extended mod. Since said mod is the most comprehensive of all of the mods I've installed, I'd imagine that it overwrote whatever files the Officer mod may have done. Don't know for certain, I'm just mentioning it here to be extra certain.

I have screenshots of the following... If they'd be helpful, I could try uploading them here later. Let me know if they're desired.

I reloaded my DMC guard ambush point. I killed him from a distance, never getting any closer to him than 4 spaces. I collected his gear, and for the very first time, there was NO Red X floating in the hex I was in, nor in the uppermost left corner of any of my other screens.

I then attacked his partner in a different hex. Since I'm now completely out of missile weapons, and he's only equipped with a tactical baton, we engage in melee combat. The Red X appears and stays with me. I head West to the Saginaw Mental Facility. This takes several days and I'm still marked with the Red X, yet show no symptoms of any kind of contagion.

I go through the Blue Frog ceremonies, and come out alive, and due to being VERY tired right now, my short term memory's somewhat shot, but I'm 90% certain that when I exited the institution, that I am now totally free of having the Red X. It's completely gone. I have yet to take a drink of the vaccine that's waiting for me in my inventory screen.

Any ideas as to what's going on...?

Forgot to mention that when I ambushed the second, tactical baton wielding DMC guard, he was in a hex adjacent to a Blue Frog cultist.

Perhaps the guards were infected?

What doesn't make sense if the above were true, is that when I killed the first DMC guard and I used melee methods, the Red X would appear. When I killed the first guard only with missile weapons, I didn't get the Red X. But - I handled his corpse and put on his gear afterward, without the Red X appearing. If the Red X denotes infection, then why didn't it appear when I put on his infected gear? Does the game model getting infected by handling the possessions of those who are infected?

There's a part of me that thinks not. When I consider the amount of water I've consumed from found bottles and groundwater from woodlands where Blue Frog cultists are active, I've yet to become infected. Odds are very high that they'd be using these items, yes? If I'm drinking from a bottle that they've previously used, shouldn't it have the infection on it? I would very much think so. I'd imagine that the water found at locations they frequent would also have a high percentage of being infected, due to their bodily wastes mingling with it.

Perhaps the gear they drop is considered "infection free" because to do otherwise would cause a massive outbreak that would break the desired pacing and nature of the game?


In any case, I was completely out of missiles when I took on the 2nd guard, the one who was by the BF cultist. I had no choice but to engage in melee combat with him, and it was after him that the Red X appeared. And as I stated before, the Red X has occurred every time after battling a BF cultist. I'm forced to conclude then, that "for sure" the 2nd DMC guard was previously infected by the plague.

I doubt it has something to do with the plage. Conditions have no sprites. Items cannot be infected either, this includes their bodies so eating them and using their gear is safe.

As mentioned before, the red X is a sprite that failed to load properly. It probably has something to do with having multiple mods or an issue from a single one.

I have never fought DMC guards with my mod on so I will try that and see if the issue is from my mod.

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