Complete Item Group ID List (nGroupID)

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Complete Item Group ID List (nGroupID)

Hey guys,

I've been compiling a complete list of Item Group IDs (called 'nGroupID' in the neogame XML export file).
I know dcfedor started compiling one, but it's unfinished.

Take a look here:

Complete Item Group ID List (v1.0)

The list might come in handy when adding or revising treasure tables and the likes, as looking up numbers in the XML file is a tad daunting :)


That's really useful. I have my own (rougher) lists like that for item properties, but never had time to do one for this and ingredients, the two I also found I really needed.

Very, very helpful and time-saving for modders!

One question, though... how do I download the spreadsheet from your link?

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I've made this thread a sticky, since it is an useful resource for modders. It will be easier to find now.

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I'm consolidating these useful lists into a single documentation sticky, for easier look-up:

Collapsable spoilers contain some lists, while others (like this) are linked to with a short description. Hopefully, this makes the info easier to find!

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