Feeding meat to dogs

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Feeding meat to dogs

I was just killed by a feral dog (well, infection caused by bites) even though I was carrying lots of meat -- I tried to equip the meat and give it to the dog, and drop the rest on the floor, but it ignored all the meat and attacked me instead.

That'd be a damned good thing to add to the game - the ability to drop meat and avoid fights with dogmen and feral dogs.

We had suggestion like that in the past. I am really unsure how well it'd fly. It's common, especially in works of fiction that people distract an animal by dropping something appetizing but feral creatures aren't always distracted by such and not really that easily.

A wild pack which designated some creature as their prey won't completely drop the chase they feel likely to succeed at just because they found some steak on the way. Same with creature which attacks something not because of hunger but because it finds its opponent a tresspasser upon its territory, potential challenger to it and competition to limited food in the area.

It may happen that one distracts some hunting animal with food but if such thing would be implemented, it'd have to have low chance of success - especially given the balance (a few pieces of meat shouldn't be an effective way of completely avoiding two common types of enemies in the game). And such would make work necessary for adding such new feature questionable at best. Maybe if Dan will find plenty of free time on his hands and sudden will to add new things.. but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Edit: A typo.

I like this idea, but there should be a very small chance that the dog can befriend you. However, it should be very hard to keep up with and have lowered stats because having a companion in a fight could become overpowered. Having to keep feeding it or it'll run away or even attack you, etc.