Electricians can't get electricity?

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Electricians can't get electricity?

This seems pretty basic to me, but when I selected the electrician perk I figured it'd pair well with hacking, giving me the opportunity to generate charges for my devices, and in turn earn me a nice little bundle.
But nope.

Despite waking up in a powered facility, there being numerous buildings with powers, and numerous tools that could be used to get power, the only ways I've seen are pre-powered batteries, those power taps, and one partially radioactive device.

Charge is hardly the most important resource - it has its place with some items but can be made readily available with careful planning, so why not throw us a bone and let us make a charge-socket or something that can only be used at certain buildings?

Hell, even just being able to perform maintenance on the radioactive thing would be enough.

That, or a solar panel.

Just some thoughts.

There are about 7 infinite electricity generators around DMC, just saying...
Also, the possible cause for electricity being unobtainable from sockets may be that there has been an apocalypse recently ant thus, Michigan was downgraded to rural North Korea in terms of electric infrastructure, rendering sockets useless.
Solar panels would be a VERY good idea, though (non-craftable, of course, but findable).


Smartphones can store 480 charges, in theory.

But yeah, adding crude shielding to an RTG should be something any half-decent mechanic should be able to do.

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All abandoned towers do have light in the night. Yes Cryo Facility has power. The fence around Grayling has power. The light in isotope mine has power. So yes, power does not actually seem to be void in the world of scavanger, or limited to DMC.

From gameplay, carrying a laptop battery ought to be way enough charges for most things until next return to DMC, but from logic point of yes, I'd say yes, assembling together a transformater to be used at places that have electricity shoult be possible.

Would also fix up the electrician thingy a bit, which is a very useless skill anyway. (Light at cryo facility, not really that needed benefitial and I wonder if there is any encounter that skill really helps out)

I don't have an opinion for or against the OP, as I never have enough items that need it before DMC and always have many batteries to store it after. I just wanted to answer @lionon that there are in fact a decent number of interesting encounters where electrician really helps out, and it can also be useful for the endgame. I always include it in my "story and lore" builds.

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