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To go directly to my blue rot survival strategy scroll down till you see BLUE ROT in bold.

I would like to ask the dev if the 30 percent survival rate for blue rot is truly set in stone, because what I did to survive it makes complete sense in real life. Which is also a general strategy tip for anyone struggling. Treat this game like real life and you'll do just fine. The perma death truly makes me invested in my character like no game has ever done before.

This is my first post. I've clocked 36 hours of NEO Scavenger so far, Im a serious gamer but I haven't played a game for this length of time since I was a little kid (I'm now 30). I never thought it was possible that a new game would join x-com UFO Defense (NOT Enemy Unknown) and fallout 2 on my favorite games of all time list, but damn if the creator of this brilliant near perfect game hasn't done it.

Don't be confused by my title, this tip doesn't come from my first attempt at the game. This tip comes from my current play through (I'd say maybe my 8th character) which is the first time Ive contracted blue rot. Before this attempt my longest survival time had been 4 days and only ever getting about half way to Detroit before either being killed by man, or nature. I have no idea how long I've been alive now as I've lost count. I've not looked up any strategies on how to be better at the game. The only things I've looked up are a few simple statistics of certain items, skills and status that were not entirely apparent.


NOTE: I DID NOT CHEW ANY ROOTS, I also DID NOT use that "xycv" formula or whatever it's called.


I had read about blue rot but never encountered it, I did read however about the 30% survival rate. So when I contracted it I was freaking out because I was a few hours walk from Detroit and I had full blown riot gear in mint condition.

Here are the steps I took as a program of recovery ;), which I fully believe INCREASED MY CHANCES of SURVIVING BLUE ROT because the developer made this game so true to life (albeit a heightened reality)

Stage 2 Blue Rot in effect
1. Went to the outskirt town outside of Detroit as fast as possible.
2. Got the bracelet that let me into Detroit.
3. Went to the hospital.
4. Bought a round of I.V. treatment to boost my immune system (the chairs were quite comfortable)
5. Bought a Bottle of Immune system boosting medication.
5. Went to the general store at the apartments.
6 Fully Stocked up on Sterilized Water
7. Went to the Vehicle Hotel
8. Rented a hatchback

Stage 3 BLUE ROT now in effect

I stayed in that HEATED hatchback (only wearing pants in my sleeping bag) and RESTED AND SLEPT FOR 3 STRAIGHT DAYS. MAKING SURE to KEEP MY HUNGER and THIRST bars topped off. I took an immune booster pill EVERY TIME my immune system boosted perk wore off. I only left the hatchback to pay my rent and to go eat a warm NOURISHING MEAL AT THE DINER 3 TIMES A DAY. My health never once dropped below simply sick.


I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS A FOOL PROOF and GUARANTEED method of survival. BUT I AM POSITIVE this INCREASES YOUR CHANCES OF SURVIVAL HIGHER THAN 30%. (Can the dev back me up on this? Or even tell me I completely wasted my time)

I AM POSITIVE that taking care of myself while I was sick increased my chances of surviving this pain in the ass disease. And now, if the wikia is correct, I won't have to worry about blue rot ever again, Until I die a horrible death (most likely because I hunt Dogmen for sport with a bow, a single hunting arrow and a crowbar, yes really)

I hope I'm right about this and I hope it helps some of you deal with this apparently devastating disease.

I want to thank the developer (is his name Mark?) so very much for making the game I've always wanted and never thought I'd get which is a third game to add to my 9.999 out of 10 list.

Thanks for reading.

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You actually did everything that you could do, and you did it right. So congrats on that. :) Still, bear in mind that your method is still a gamble. The odds of beating Blue Rot without the cure and also without the root are very slim. However, if you have access to none of those two things, keeping excellent care of your character like you did is absolutely the way to go. The bonus of actually beating the odds this way is that now (like the wiki says) you are immune to Blue Rot, and can't contact it again. :)

P.S. Btw, the dev's name is Dan. ;) He's taking a holiday atm, which is why he isn't around much for now, but I'm sure he'll read and appreciate the kind words when he's back.

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Good thing you didn't chew on bear roots or went to the ANT for their illness treatment. They increase your ability to survive it BUT if they do manage to cure it, you wont be immune to another blue rot infection.

Pew pew pew!

Thanks for the replies. Like I said, I'm pretty sure I increased my chances of survival higher than 30% (albeit I don't know how much higher) by treating the illness like I would in real life. That's the amazing thing about this game, it's the most realistic game I've ever seen. I'm consistently blown away by the actions of npc's and how they just go about their day trying to survive like I am. Mind you if they come into my vicinity I will instantly kill them because they bring nothing to the table for me while alive. That is one thing I kinda wish the game had, I'd like to be able to ask friendly strangers in the wilderness if they would like to trade anything, because right now I don't feel like there's a reason at all why I should let them live. My current character has upwards of 40 confirmed human kills and around 30 confirmed Dogmen kills so people who are saying you can't act like a movie star bad ass in this game are dead wrong. You just have to be prepared for combat and be willing to die. Always do everything possible to maintain the advantage any way you can. I've only almost died twice with this character, once I overreached myself open to a gunshot, but he was out of ammo thank god, and the second time I was severely mauled by a pair of Dogmen before I remembered I had a damn revolver in my backpack. But I always carry alcohol and bandages on me so a few days later I was back in fighting shape. I'm rambling and gushing now just because I'm so blown away by this game. Thanks again.

I Hunt Dogmen for sport because I'm a grown man.

Yeah, this rambling and gushing thing, I'm guilty of that too, so if I may say so myself: you're in good company. XD

That said: Noooo, don't kill all the NPCs, all the time. Give them a chance. ;)

There are factions in this game and learning to differentiate between them is useful (and btw, you can increase/decrease your standing with the different factions depending on how you behave). Some of those factions are always going to be hostile and dangerous to you, no matter what you do. Others though may have interesting things to tell you. You can't actually do trade with them, but there are interactions there you may be missing. They can help you find places for example, or dump some fun lore tidbits. That probably isn't all that useful to you if you're playing mostly sandbox, but in case you are interested in the lore and the story, speaking with NPCs that are neutral/friendly is generally a good idea. Plus, one fight less is one more chance to live another day, so that's always good in my book as well. Like you point out, common sense in this game works, and common sense says: Don't fight unless you have to. Except if you enjoy to, in which case - yeah okay, fine, my point is moot. XD

PS. No, you didnt increase your survival chances above 30%, you did get lucky. Great technique, props for that, but don't bet your money on it. ;)

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Ahh, the first ten people I actually talked to basically told me to go #%}€ myself so I just assumed nobody had anything for me but now I'll give talking another shot. Also I'm totally not just sandboxng the game. I play the game like a stone cold psycho killer who is out for his own survival. Whenever I find something that is useful that I don't need I destroy it so no one else can benefit from it. I'm on the outskirts of the military base trying to find a newspaper which will tell me how the protesters got into the base because I'm taking no chances with those defendo bots, don't tell me how to do it, I'll figure it out lol. Bout to start another post cause I have another logistical question. It's nice to see a moderator actually invested in talking about the game. :)

I Hunt Dogmen for sport because I'm a grown man.

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Just survived my SECOND ever encounter with this "lethal" disease, was in the wilderness and stayed in an abandoned house and just kept popping amoxicillin and stayed fed, hydrated, and well rested. I'm telling you, follow my instructions and you'll probably survive.

I Hunt Dogmen for sport because I'm a grown man.

I have also survived Blue rot not once, but twice. Now from my understanding you can survive sometimes even if you do nothing so I guess it is possible that if I had done nothing each time I would have lived, but I prefer to think that my actions contributed to my survival. Here's how my infections went. (note: these are from two games, to the best of my knowledge you are immune to Blue Rot once you survive it once)

1st infection: I noticed my infection about on my way back to the ATN store with a load of goodies (including a full nano tech med-kit) My 1st thought was what the heck is Blue Rot. After reading a little bit online I was scared, considering this was the 1st time I had survived over 100 days, and most sources I checked claimed that after stage 2 there was almost nothing you could do except roll the dice and/or chew bear roots. I rush back to see Joe to treat the illness using a dose or two of my nano med-kit on the way. I then spent a few turns drinking tea and chewing roots (when ever the drank tea or chewed roots status vanished I'd down some more) and assumed the Blue Rot was gone. Perhaps I just missed it when I checked the status screen, perhaps it bugged and didn't show the infection for a moment, I'm not sure. What I do know is that at this point I ASSUMED I was Blue Rot free and safe, and started making my way towards Detroit. About 3/4 of the way there I start puking and note the Blue Rot stage 3 status.... I am not pleased at this point. I had actually found ANOTHER nano med-kit in route to Detroit, so I kept the Used nano med=kit status on me constantly 'till I reached Detroit, munching down a stack or two or bear roots as I go. I also had a bottle of Antibiotics with me so I started popping them as well. Once I reach Detroit I'm in pretty bad shape. Out of tea, out of bear roots, but still a sliver of hope remaining. I go in for med treatment, blood transfusion, and top off my antibiotics. Now I just keep myself fed and bunker down in my Detroit camp (abandoned IT building) I survived but not without cost: adding up bear roots, nano treatments and antibiotics I dropped at least $6,000 or $7,000 into keeping myself alive.

2nd infection: Well I had about $2,000 so going with my previous treatment was NOT going to work. It may be worth noting that on this attempt I had both the Tough trait, and the metabolism flaw. So I had just killed something a cooked all the meat up when I started vomiting and noticed my Blue Rot stage 2 status. I went directly to Joe, and kept both my Drank Tea and Chewed bear root active during the ENTIRE infection from stage 2-3. Because I had just hunted I had lots of meat, and my campsite had a water source so I just clicked the heal button all day every day, drinking more tea and chewing more roots every time it stopped healing me. I kept my food and water bars full the entire time. Once it progressed to stage 3 I started taking antibiotics (I would have taken them sooner, but I only had a small supply) and again I survived. This was much cheaper then my 1st infection... maybe taking 3 or 4 antibiotics and 10 bear roots total.

Considering these are the only two times I have contracted Blue Rot and I have survived each time I think Blue Rot is not quite as untreatable as some people claim.

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Well done! I've only ever done it twice, my secret to beating stage three + Sepsis at the same time was to get a transfusion from the clinic. I had done what I could to keep my body upright as much as possible (nanobots, diet, and Amoxacillin), but in the end the damage to my blood that sepsis incurs was too much.

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What?.. You mean blood transfusion? Real life cults like Jehovah's whitness church forbids it. I never tried that while curing blue rot. Speaking of blue rot.. I got it in saginaw, cured it with IpcV formula and day or two later I got pneumonia2. I cured it with antibiotics but now the medical screening in Haggerty says I am blue rot carrier.. what the hell is that!!?