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Mi chiedevo se fosse possibile creare una mod per tradurre il gioco (e anche le mod) da inglese a italiano (e altre lingue), perchè ci sono avvenimenti che non capisco e la traduzione del gioco renderebbe a chi non sa bene l'inglese l'esperienza più semplice.


I wondered if it was possible to create a mod to translate the game (and the mods) from English into Italian (and other languages), because there are events that I don't understand and the translation of the game make the experience easier for people who don't know English well.


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No, it can't happen through a mod, it's much more complicated than that. The developer is thinking about translations, but doesn't know if it will be possible. Hopefully we will know sometime in the next months.

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Actually, it is possible, but not plausible, it would require the aid of a translator or someone that knows the language and it is a large undertaking as it would need to be updated every update, a huge undertaking most people don't have time for, nor the patience. A small team might have it done in a week and after that a single person can maintain it every update, granted a few hours per update, just for the vanilla game, for mod support, it would require an equal amount of work.

So at this time, I have to say it is not possible without a lot of work.

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It's not really about the amount of work - that is not a problem, as there are many really dedicated fans who would help Dan do the translations.

The problems are more technical in nature - the font in the game is custom made, meaning there are no special signs for any other languages using Latin alphabet, but English. For the same reason, other alphabets are completely impossible. Also, due to the way that encounter screens are constructed, they can only fit certain amounts of signs. In many languages, German being particularly infamous among them, after the translation the same text takes a lot more signs/space than before. So, in order to translate the encounter text, one would have to totally re-structure the whole encounter system. Which, I may add, even with the dev's help might be nigh impossible.

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Anyway, regarding the difficulties with latin alphabets and etc., is it possible to access all the text content from the game? I´m interest in helping with a translation to portuguese-br (even knowing that is not tangible now) and would like to see the amount of text involved and if I would be capable of helping translating. Thanks.

The problem is that the game was not made with translation in mind. When a program is made in such a way, there will be files containing all text for the game which are called by number, not name, and which can be easily changed for different languages without changing the content of the game.

In this case, everything in the game, besides the images, is stored in neogame.xml. To make a translation would me like making a mod which overwrites 100% neogame.xml and changes all images with writing in them. It's possible, but it's exceedingly difficult, on par with making the neogame.xml and art resources, from the ground up.

Although, Dan is working on non-latin character sets now (check News).