[WIP] Not so lonely Neo-Scavenger mod! (Probably going to be compatable with NSE and Mighty mini!)

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[WIP] Not so lonely Neo-Scavenger mod! (Probably going to be compatable with NSE and Mighty mini!)

Michigan is a big place, but why is it so empty? The flavor text from some encounters seems to disagree.
But actual gameplay it feels a little too desolate for me.

And I've also got a few other gripes, namely why does the PC seem to be the only guy who has two pairs of shoes and a shirt?
Everyone else seems to be devoid of equipment, and I know walking out of the cryo facility and beating a guy to death and getting decent loot may SEEM like a big deal, but an experienced scavenger gets fully geared in a few days, then its just a hobo farming and shoe economy simulator.

This mod aims to change some of that by doing a few things, this is my first project but I seem to be getting the hang of things.

The priority list is just what I want to do the most, not what I WILL do in THIS order.

1: find out how to increase population cap: Currently you can have something like 70 active NPC's in the world and 6 on screen, this may seem like alot but Michigan is again, a big place and it seems like most of them are anchored to a point somewhere off or are just actively avoiding being on the screen.
2: get a comfortable balance with NPC spawning, and then keep it good and somewhat difficult.
3: keep it up to date and compatible with NSE! I usually play with this, and alternate to mighty mini mod sometimes so I'll try to include compatibility for that too.
Bonus: figure out spoilers

4: diversify NPCs! More factions doing more things! Fighting eachother for land! Hunting dogmen! Tearing stuff up! Hunting you! Surviving camping and exploring! and being more than a walking shoe farm!
5: give NPCs some actual equipment! It's always irked me that a guy who just crawled out of a cryogenic tube in a glorified paper bath robe with amnesia and ab-so-lootly no idea what is happening is better armed and dressed in a few days than a guy (or gal) who's lived out here their whole life and can barely wrap some rags around their feet and come after you with a falling apart frying pan. Not that they need to be super solders or anything, just averageish for survivors of various factions so hobo's with rag shoes will still be a thing, but they won't be the only thing by far!
6: other kinds of creatures! if its a monster from myth, or an actual animal like a bear or something if I can get a sprite for it (Or die trying) I'll try to make it work.
7: encounters! Yeah, this game needs more of them! All of them! With different outcomes and even some random chance within the outcomes! Idea's welcome in PM if I ever get past the first stage, want to be included in one? ask, if it fits maybe I can squeeze your character in somewhere in post apoc Michigan for a little Easter egg or inside secret! Hopefully tied into priority 10!
8: More soon!

9: friendly NPC's who have your back and help! Not everyones an ass, right? possibly costing you food and or money/loot but helping you get more maybe, we'll see if we can find a balance.
10: A few more mini-towns with markets, food for sale, people to talk to, and hopefully stuff to do! Maybe even expanding on DMC a bit!
11: add a way to sneak into or be smuggled into DMC with its own dangers and rewards

Ability to inventory share/trade with a companion or barter with individual NPCs
Make sure everything is balanced and keep the hobo utopia every bottle is sacred and you're all surviving by the skin of your teeth feel and general theme

Download link: Whenever I can make some progress after I figure up Priority number one! (you can help bigtime by telling me if you know how, I'm not even against messing with the EXE or more to do this)

From Bigmac:
...its just a hobo farming and shoe economy simulator...


A bit oversimplified, but I completely "get" what you're trying to say. I got a good chuckle out of that comment when I read it.

For a hobo farming and shoe economy simulator, it's full of tension, isn't it? Not an easy thing to pull off...

That said, I have to endorse, sometimes very strongly, what you're proposing here.

Logically, it is quite strange that virtually all of the people that one encounters are almost as homeless as the newborn cryogenic baby, and they've been walking the earth for a much greater deal of time, surviving all of those years. The average scavenger would have to have superb survival skills, and their equipment should show it. Furthermore, the culture and society that they hail from should also show it. After all, the highest "achievement" that a community of incompetents is likely to accomplish is to end up as the main course for cannibals. lol

Yeah, adding more creatures, animals, wildlife, people, etc., is a very sound idea, especially if the level of interaction can be expanded. Being able to barter and trade, and, better yet, recruit others, would be a sizable undertaking, but it's easy to imagine that the payoff would be huge.

Keeping this entwined with the Extended mod sounds like a very smart thing to do. I would also see if Banjo's great work would be available for you to also include.

I'll be following this mod's development very closely. Good luck to you!

Good to have you on board with it! I've already got 4 and 5 down pat I think, but raising the spawned creature cap SEEMS to not be do-able that I know of, so I either need to touch the glorious source code, cry or get some advice I opened the EXE and nothing I can find in there has anything to do with it that I could tell at first glance anyways

7 won't be too hard, I'm still planning encounters out and hopefully you guys are in for a fun ride once I get the hang of comlex encounters and begin adding them, some might require out of the box thinking or dumb luck or even just a loaded gun but I'm sure It'll be fun, and when it is out I'd like some feed back, like if the encounters are too hard or some too deadly or rewarding or under-rewarding or immursion breaking, or stupid in general, the encounters SEEM like they have alot of possibility.

10 is going to go right along with 7 hopefully it'll go smooth and I won't beak the map.
11 is going to go straight in there with 10 probably.

If I can I hope to add a some seedy criminal elements to the poorer side of DMC, with some optional questlines maybe a rebel type faction who opposes the DMC guard and act as sort of terrorists, giving you a little story line to help either side and maybe profit, though helping extremist and terrorists who want to open the gates to every hobo and flood DMC/destroy the walls for monetary gain and getting near them will probably be a dangerous task in itself, likewise but maybe less so helping DMC with their problem.
I've put a little thought into of this, it's probably not going to happen like that at all and would be avoidable but that's all the possible scenario on that you'll get till I actually make progress/set anything in stone, though what anyone thinks on that subject would be nice.

But the main reason I'm making this mod is for number 1, increase spawn caps. The world feels too desolate and I FEEL that the demand for more diverse or better NPCs is a lot less worth it if you only run into one every so often.
Roaming gangs, fellow scavengers, scouts, packs of creatures, should be something that you'll encounter, and probably attempt to avoid and deceive.
Not just something that's implied, atleast in my opinion.

And if you read this (especially you Dan pls senpai) can you give me some advice with this? I don't know how I could change the cap right now except maybe injection or trying to de-compile it, but that's a hassle and probably won't get me anywhere and dan might mind/I didn't read the terms of use if there are any

ps: it's late and I'm very sleepy so please excuse any spelling mistakes.

I love the 9 one

i know im like 4 years late but …
is there any chance this got anywere ?

Or is it forgotten ? Is a lot you had planned so i was curios.