Neo Scavenger Cheat Engine Table (In Progress)

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Neo Scavenger Cheat Engine Table (In Progress)

Hello, I have created a cheat table for Neo Scavenger, but it's not quite done. SO far you can only get lots of moves and money. Here are the install steps. By the way, anything helpful you can provide in the making of this cheat table I would be grateful for.

Step 1: Install Cheat Engine at

Step 2: Install my Cheat Table at and open it.

It's that simple, look out for updates! Thanks!


Sorry if Necro-Posting is seen as taboo or something, but I didn't want to make up a repeat topic.

I have a working table that I just tested on a modded version of the latest version. It works via pointer scanner, so it doesn't work 100% of the time for everyone else, but restarting NEO Scavanger and re-running the cheat table has a decent chance of fixing it. I even put () after each value to say what an 'optimal' starting value would be. Turns out all the values for your character are basically doubles set right next to each other. Locking weight carried to 0 makes all your stuff weightless. If you set heal/hour super high you'll never wind up dieing in combat, even getting pummeled after falling unconscious... assuming you lock the blood loss values. Not sure what all the health stats are, but hey, they work anyway. Quite sure the money stat is at the end of the character's stat values.

And if that isn't good enough, someone made an AoB scan version of the table (something I should learn to do) that should work far more often. Though AoB scans have goods odds of getting broken by mods that add new stats. HOWEVER! I have not tested his table at all, not even slightly. It does have more then mine though.

I tested it with the EXE Patchwork M(onster)od, if you're curious.

The table is as accurate as pointer scanning can get on one computer, though. I have a personal 100% success rate. But if you can find the pointer to the 'move' value, all other values can be found by just shifting the pointer. An AoB scan is ideal for that sort of data, but I'm not very CE capable. :P