Stupidly overpowered blue frogs

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Stupidly overpowered blue frogs

Let me preface my complaint by saying this is a great and very original game. Part of the fun of the game is the difficulty, but it seems like certain parts of the game were made difficult in an unfair and unfun way. Chief amongst these is the blue frogs.

I've had characters killed in interesting ways. Epic struggles with dogmen, slow deaths from infection, long drawn out starvations.. but the repeated "one hit" frogmen deaths aren't rewarding or interesting. More like glitchy bad game design. My last frogman death has irked me enough that I'm probably done playing the game for a while unless these stupid frogmen get nerfed or something.

The level that these guys have been hopped up is just ridiculous. I have been killed by these jerks more than any other enemy in the game. I've had an easier time killing dogmen. At least after killing dogmen i can get a nice coat.

Here's my most ridiculous encounter with the Blue frogs:

Shot 4 arrows before one hit. once one hit, i tried to flee. failed. Shot 6 more arrows. 4 hit. Blue frog was bleeding, coughing blood, eyes were hanging out of his sockets and everything else. Oh.. barefoot too.
I tried to flee.
he is closer.. so i figure. ok ill use the crowbar. He only has a flashlight and he's bleeding all over the place and nearly dead.


I try to hack him with a cleaver. It misses. He hits me with a flashlight. I get hit in the head and pass out. game over. I was at 100% health. 5 moves/turn. Nothing wrong. Instead-dead from a flashlight.... (btw my build was tough/melee/strong)

If the game made these guys into zombies or some other supernatural hellspawn.. that's fine, but at least give them a weakness and call them zombies. Not "cult members". I can't run from them. Can't fight them. Can't even dependably hide from them.

This sounds like a bad case of the RNG to me. I can imagine some minor tactical changes that you may have been able to make (it's a good idea to run as far as possible from your enemy before attempting to flee for example), but there's still a lot of bad luck there. A lot. In reality the Frogs aren't really all that OPed, at least not that I have noticed.

But what may actually help is this: Their faction doesn't hate you all that much. If you try some friendlier options with them a couple of times (instead of engaging them in combat), if you offer them ceasefire, or try talking with them, they will become friendly and stop attacking you. Wearing one of their sashes also helps alot with your faction standing with them.

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I haven't played the game for long, But I know for a fact that Blue Frogs are not people who should be taken for grant. To be clear, here's what I've analyzed about them: They like to lure you in, all of them start with medical gowns (which would look newbie-ish to the player since they start with one) and have pretty basic and/or improvised weapons, the kind of weapons you find laying around everywhere or start out knowing how to craft. They focus on being total terminators in combat; they N E V E R make mistakes in combat unless it's an RNG mistake (missing, tripping etc.) Always make the best possible move and on top of that show no mercy and refuse to take any and never retreat. Once you see someone with their blue sash, RUN, end of story. If you manage to defeat them with basic gear then you're officially a pro at combat, in which you should destroy their sash if you didn't take one for extra warmth already so you don't mistake a friendly looter for one.

Roses are red,
Been playing so great,
Your whole body is in an inflammatory, 'potentially' fatal state.