Merge 6 mods: ENS+Officer+Fishing+Shouldered+Bottle Label+Classic Skill...?

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Merge 6 mods: ENS+Officer+Fishing+Shouldered+Bottle Label+Classic Skill...?

First post! I am VERY happy to be here. Terrific game, but I'm hoping to add some content that's too enticing to ignore. There are a handful of mods that I would dearly like to add. I understand that this requires merging each mods' getmods together into one document, but I am struggling in regards on how to exactly do this. I'm hoping for some assistance on this matter...

I have read, and reread Fedor's post here:

And his example seems easy enough to follow, BUT when I scrutinize Banjo's getmods.Extended+Fishing+ClassicSkillSelection, it seems to deviate from Fedor's model. I'm probably wrong in this assessment, and what might be throwing me off in interpreting how Banjo structured his file is the fact that he references "patches" that allow the merging to be successful.

The mods I'd dearly like to add are:
Officer (maybe too outdated to successfully merge?)
Bottle Label
Classic Skill

As can probably be deduced, I'd like to have the Extended mod to act as The Base for all of the others, meaning that the other mods would add their content to ENS. Is this possible to do without having files conflict and "break" the game?

Any detailed, step-by-step help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Dec. 21, 2014

Here's my fourth try at trying to get all of the above mods (except for the Officer mod, as I noticed that it's the only mod to have an odd number of lines, all of the rest were even so I went with them) to work together with NSE. I always have the NSE-code at the start of the sequence, and then I have all of the other mods' listings ordered by release date.

I think that this is getting "close" to being right, but the game still won't start loading past 0%. It just sits there, and after waiting for several minutes, I shut the game off via the Windows Task Manager. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps there are mods in my list that won't merge properly no matter what...?

nRows=17 &strModName0=NSE &strModURL0=NeoScavExtended &strModName1=0 &strModURL1=0 &strModName2=FishingMod &strModURL2=Mods/Fishing/Mod &strModName3=0 &strModURL3=Mods/Fishing/Over &strModName4=0 &strModURL4=Mods/Fishing/Over_NSE &strModName0=NSE &strModURL0=NeoScavExtended &strModName5=0 &strModURL5=0 &strModName6=ShoulderMod &strModURL6=Mods/Shouldered/Mod &strModName7=0 &strModURL7=Mods/Shouldered/Over &strModName8=ShoulderMod &strModURL8=Mods/Shouldered/Merge_NSE &strModName9=0 &strModURL9=Mods/Shouldered/Over_NSE &strModName10=0 &strModURL10=0 &strModName11=BottleMod &strModURL11=Mods/BottleLabels/Mod &strModName12=0 &strModURL12=Mods/BottleLabels/Over &strModName13=0 &strModURL13=Mods/ClassicSkillSelection/Over &strModName14=NSE &strModURL14=Mods/ClassicSkillSelection/Merge_NSE &strModName15=FishingMod &strModURL15=Mods/ClassicSkillSelection/Merge_Fishing
nRows=16 &strModName0=NSE &strModURL0=NeoScavExtended &strModName1=0 &strModURL1=0 &strModName2=FishingMod &strModURL2=Mods/Fishing/Mod &strModName3=0 &strModURL3=Mods/Fishing/Over &strModName4=0 &strModURL4=Mods/Fishing/Over_NSE &strModName5=0 &strModURL5=0 &strModName6=ShoulderMod &strModURL6=Mods/Shouldered/Mod &strModName7=0 &strModURL7=Mods/Shouldered/Over &strModName8=ShoulderMod &strModURL8=Mods/Shouldered/Merge_NSE &strModName9=0 &strModURL9=Mods/Shouldered/Over_NSE &strModName10=0 &strModURL10=0 &strModName11=BottleMod &strModURL11=Mods/BottleLabels/Mod &strModName12=0 &strModURL12=Mods/BottleLabels/Over &strModName13=0 &strModURL13=Mods/ClassicSkillSelection/Over &strModName14=NSE &strModURL14=Mods/ClassicSkillSelection/Merge_NSE &strModName15=FishingMod &strModURL15=Mods/ClassicSkillSelection/Merge_Fishing

I think that will fix it. It might not work because i don't have the getmods for all the mods. Hope it works :)

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- Jake

Awesome to see so many of my mods in use (or wanting to be used, at least)!

NSE + Fishing + Shouldered + Bottle Labels + Classic Skill Selection should definitely be possible, so long as the right order is used; each of mine listed there has an NSE "compatibility patch" where needed.

The (cool) Officer Mod, however, is sadly outdated and I am almost certain trying to get it to work 100% with v1.0 of NeoScavenger would be hard enough. When I have time, I plan to contact the author and offer to help make it compatible again... but that would have to wait until after Christmas or maybe even the New Year.

Anyway, for the getmods.php you'll need to run ALL these mods at once, jake59j (thanks!) is pretty much correct with his list.

I used the following getmods.php file:

nRows=14 &strModName0=NSE &strModURL0=NeoScavExtended &strModName1=0 &strModURL1=0 &strModName2=FishingMod &strModURL2=Mods/Fishing/Mod &strModName3=0 &strModURL3=Mods/Fishing/Over &strModName4=0 &strModURL4=Mods/Fishing/Over_NSE &strModName5=ShoulderMod &strModURL5=Mods/Shouldered/Mod &strModName6=0 &strModURL6=Mods/Shouldered/Over &strModName7=ShoulderMod &strModURL7=Mods/Shouldered/Merge_NSE &strModName8=0 &strModURL8=Mods/Shouldered/Over_NSE &strModName9=BottleMod &strModURL9=Mods/BottleLabels/Mod &strModName10=0 &strModURL10=Mods/BottleLabels/Over &strModName11=0 &strModURL11=Mods/ClassicSkillSelection/Over &strModName12=NSE &strModURL12=Mods/ClassicSkillSelection/Merge_NSE &strModName13=FishingMod &strModURL13=Mods/ClassicSkillSelection/Merge_Fishing

While my testing was brief, I was able to:
1) Pick skills using the "old" 4 skill choice system on making my character (Classic Skill Selection Mod).
2) Choose the Heavy Sleeper and Asthmatic flaws (NSE) and Fishing skill (Fishing Mod).
3) Find a pen in the nearest urban hex (Bottle Label Mod).
4) Scavenge a water hex river or lake scavenge locations (Fishing Mod).
5) Sling a "Crowbar with Strap" over either shoulder (Shouldered Mod).
6) Find items like waterskins and scrap metal while scavenging (NSE).
7) Find items like fishing hooks and hand reels while scavenging (Fishing Mod).
8) Find pens while scavenging (Bottle Label Mod).
9) Label bottles with the vanilla game labels (Bottle Label Mod).
10) Scavenge Farming Plots (NSE).

This says to me that everything works! Yay!

I'm posting the getmods.php file in a new thread in a moment, so others can use it, but let me know if you spot any problems.

Do note that because the Bottle Label Mod does NOT yet have compatibility "patch" included for use with NSE, you will NOT be able to label bottles for liquids added by that mod. I'm working on it, though, and the next update of my mod will fix this.

Also, in testing this combo of mods, I realized that I hadn't tweaked all the strapped items added by NSE that I wanted to make "both shoulder equip" capable with my Shouldered mod; I'm not sure if I'll include the holsters, but the waterskin definitely will be made able to sling over either shoulder next update.

For now, have fun, and thanks for using my mods!

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From Banjo:
Awesome to see so many of my mods in use (or wanting to be used, at least)!

When you're making items/skills that are THAT enticing, it shouldn't be a wonder that community members want them all to be included in the game. We know great material when we see it! :-D

My best friend and I recently purchased NS within days of one another, and we're prowling for more cool stuff all of the time. Your work is a definite winner!

I really appreciate the help that you and Jake have provided on making this possible.

I strongly advise that from now on, that you provide an updated "all in one" getmods with each new release/update you supply. I have no doubts that said updated getmods will be EAGERLY used.

In regards to revising your Shouldered mod, I'd be quite liberal in its future design and application. I was once a longtime devotee to Infiltration, a total conversion hardcore infantry simulator mod for Unreal Tournament, and one of the contributors there was active duty infantry. I remember a thread he started where he was urging for a wider application of carrying slung weapons, and he did an illustration where he was somewhat comfortably carrying 8 differently slung firearms of assault weapon sizes (crisscrossed-bumping-against one's buttocks, standard over both shoulders, crisscrossed-bumping-against one's thighs, and a weapon that's slung in the low-ready position that could alternatively be kept in the high-ready position, etc.). Thoughtfully sequencing which weapon's sling went where helped to pinch and hold the others in place. Needless to say, his body movements made significantly more noise, and it did slow him down some, particularly through thick brush, but his point was that such "multi-slung" scenarios are more than doable in real life.

Keep up your great work, and trust me when I say that my friend and I are very grateful for your generosity!


Thank you Jake!

The game loaded all the way up to 100%, and started!

I was able to find a pen from the Bottle mod, so I now know that said mod's working in the game. While I haven't played it long enough to find major indicators that the other mods too are present and working, at this point in time, I'm going to assume that all's well.

THANK YOU so much for your assistance. It's enormously appreciated!


No problem, glad I could help. XD

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- Jake

Despite trying my best to get over my Illiteracy towards any coding type talk, I tried using Banjo's Getmods but it got to 8 percent and halted on loading image on line 501. Any ideas on what I am obviously doing wrong?

wannabe a saiyan

I think I am understanding it a bit better, I managed to get NSE and Fishing mod to work together, the two I was most intested in, now I want to get the rest of Banjo's Mods, I will follow up if I still need help.

wannabe a saiyan

Have you tried this ready-made file here?

Does that still crash for you?

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