Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone!

With Christmas right around the corner, we'll be packing up the gifts and goodies, and heading off to see our family soon. So I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, and hopefully everyone gets a chance to chill out and have some fun.

IMAGE(http://www.bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2014-12-19.png) He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake...

I don't know which is scarier. Dogmen or dogemen :)

Out of Office

Just so folks are aware, I'll be out of the office for two weeks starting this weekend. So between December 20th and January 4th, I may be slow to respond to emails or forum posts.

That said, I'll try to pop by occasionally to see if anything's on fire. And I'll likely be starting on a bug-fix patch as my first task when back. If there is a critical issue, email is the best way to reach me.

GOG.com Twitch Stream

Also, for those of you around the computer tomorrow, GOG.com will be hosting a Twitch stream of NEO Scavenger! They've enlisted Vlad to don a hospital gown and brave the Michigan wastes, so drop by and say "hi!"


The stream starts at 11am PST (7pm GMT), Saturday. I'll unfortunately be driving through snowy mountain passes at that time, but I'll be there in spirit!

Once again, I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, and I'll see you all in 2015!


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Merry holidays and upcoming new year, Dan.

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As much as I consider doge meme to be overused on intrawebs, I still think it's kind of appropriate here (as long as it's not in the game; meme stuff in games is a way to get cheap laughs, but ultimately almost always makes me cringe). I also kinda miss it when they were spawning on top of you whenever you happened to fail a scavenge sneaking check. Much dogemen in locked forest cabins, such disembowelment.

Oh, and have a good one Dan, you've definitely earned it. See ya the next (hopefully very productive) year.

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PS. Remember "arrow to the knee" meme callback joke in Skyrim? God that was awful.
Even worse than when Valve stole "the cake is a lie" from 4chains and put it in Portal. Toe-curling as hell.

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Merry Christmas, Dan!

May all your Christmas black swamp crash sites contain bottles of whiskey.

do you even scavenge

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Whiskey still costs exorbitant amounts of money, I hope?
Still the best commodity ever in Michigan Wasteland (not to say it wouldn't be, given the circumstances)?

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Merry Christmas!

Have a fantastic and well-deserved break, mate, and a great and safe New Year; may nobody steal your left shoe!

(that image makes me want a snow/cold mod for NS now... and I want Santa Dogman as an "only on Christmas Day" time-based Easter Egg special encounter! Sprite please? :) )

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