Need help with multiple mods

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Need help with multiple mods

I know there are already dozens of threads asking for help with getting the getmods.php working for multiple mods, but I haven't been able to find anything with my two specific mods that didn't include another mod, so I apologize for creating yet another topic.

I installed both BigBadCheater and NeoScavenger Extended, and when running them separately they work. However, putting them together makes it freeze on 'parsing item types.row:213'. I thought I setup my getmods.php correctly, but I'm unsure where I could have gone wrong. Are the two mods just incompatible?

Here's what I have for my getmods.php

Could somebody tell me what I've done wrong, or if these two mods just are not compatible?

NeoScavenger Extended changes too much stuff from the vanilla game, which makes it highly incompatible with pretty much anything. :(
The only way to make it work with other mods would be to get both mods and merge them together, which would probably take some work, specially since I still keep updating it often and I suck at providing a proper changelog for other modders to see what are the exact changes I make with every update.

Pew pew pew!

Darn, alright. Thanks for the quick response though. Hopefully somebody can make a compatibility patch for it.