[Request] Crossbows or Other Similar Arrow Based Ranged Weapons

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[Request] Crossbows or Other Similar Arrow Based Ranged Weapons

So i like many of the mods i am currently using but i was wondering if it would be possible for some new weapons like crossbows or blow guns to be added in a smaller mod.

Cross Bows would use bolts which are like arrows but shorter and it also exerts a lot of force so crude bolts would almost break instantly.

Blow Guns would allow you to give enemies poisons that could cause enemies to have the stunned condition for a few turns or get a poisoned condition.

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I do plan to add a crossbow of some description to the MoD, so you can expect that soon.

As for the blow-gun, I actually wanted something similar - a tranquilizer darts gun (the ones that animal control/veterinaries use) but right now applying any "special effects" on the enemies is very fiddly, and doesn't makes much sense (it cannot be a simple attack which does X instead of damage). For the same reason, no one added a stun baton or a teaser yet, even though almost everyone would want to :D

Hopefully, some post-release changes to modding, which Dan said are an option, would change that.

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Cool i hope to see that become a possibility, thanks for the quick reply

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Agreed, I was not sure how handling special effects would function properly at this time, I already had tazers, mace, Tranquilizers, and other non lethal methods to deter or incapacitate npcs, but havent found a way to properly implement the effects, yet.

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