Uncle DAN needs YOU! - looking for some help with NEO Wiki

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Uncle DAN needs YOU! - looking for some help with NEO Wiki

As many of you know, the NEO Wiki (which we should really rename to the "New Earth Ostracon"), is badly outdated.

I will be looking into that, but honestly, I could use some help. What would really help me, is to have one-two volunteers who could aid me in reading through the articles to find outdated entries and missing info.

The reason I need only a limited help is simply for making the work easier to coordinate - one-two folks I can communicate with will do the job much quicker/easier than 100 people, all sending me the same article to rework.

So if anyone is interested, please post here. Even if you don't know how to Wiki (or don't want to create an account there), you don't need this - reading and finding stuff there will be a great help too.

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I would like to help but i am not sure how much i would be able to between work and school how much help is needed right now?

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The first priority is to make sure the info out there is not confusing/lies. So basically reading all of the wiki, locating all the data that is out-of-date or outright incorrect.

Then comes the more time-consuming part, which is adding new articles for the missing stuff. But the wrongs need to go first.

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alright i will see what i can do in my off time.

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I regularly go on Neo Wiki and fix some outdated topics but I am still a beginner and I'm having trouble posting images and playing with templates.

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What would really help me, is to have one-two volunteers who could aid me in reading through the articles to find outdated entries and missing info.

Hope we won't have to do such officially. Since I already kinda am - from time to time when checking some article, finding that something's lacking and adding info as wiki contributor. Anyone able to spend a few minutes and willing to update things (I especially noticed holes in items and recipes listings, though a lot of those may be fixed by now) would be appreciated.

Yeha well there is a lot of outdated info mainly in the items section but somebody under tricks and tips had posted a lot of false cheats and people were frustrated thinking they were not working.

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I've done some work adding onto the "random encounters" list as I find them(if you notice im sorry bout that 1 encounter I posted that ended up outside the "spoiler" tab)

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Kaaven, et al.,
As I have only played this game for about a week, I have visited many of the wiki's pages for info during my learning phase and continue to do so. Since I don't already have the knowledge/experience of the game that beta players do, my visits are all fresh comparisons between what I experience in the game and the info at the wiki. I have recently started editing on the wiki (before seeing this thread) and just registered here to inquire about exactly this idea which Kaaven has brought up. I'd like to offer my help in the overhaul that is needed.

I'm quite experienced with Wikia, having already adopted, updated and administered a game wiki (for Nemo's Reef) since July. I'm very comfortable with wikitext, templates, and general admin functions (theme, page/file name edits, etc.) and am developing my abilities with .js and .css (style elements.)

I'm more likely to simply update something that needs it, rather than report it for someone else to do, unless it requires admin status to accomplish. So it's probably easier to point things out for me to fix rather than taking on all the work yourself. ;-)

Side note: I know of the phrase "New Earth Ostracon", but I'm not sure why you would want that as the name of the wiki. I suppose it's clever, and probably fits the theme of the game, but it's not how the game is titled, so it could cause some disconnection for new players seeking help or information. Just a thought...

Thanks for the help, as it is needed. Since you claim to know your way around the wiki, you don't really need any help with editing. So just jump right in and edit away :D

If you need any clarification on the game data content, feel free to ask me (here in this thread, via DM, whatever) - we don't want to put even more miss-information over there, do we? :D

And the "New Earth Ostracon" is exactly how the game is titled (N.E.O.) :D It is a name very important in the game story.

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Thanks for the welcome. One quick question, though; who do we contact if something requires admin status at the wiki? It looks like Malacodor is inactive since September. :/

Sadly, only he have the Admin status. If he stays inactive for a while longer, we will think of something else.

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