Neo Scavenger guns identified!

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Neo Scavenger guns identified!

I'am a gun nut and I always wanted to identify all the guns from Neo. Now that I finally found out what exact type is the pump action shotgun and .38 revover my list is complete, so here you go..
Some guns were pretty obvious:

1) .308 Cathcart North "Buckmaster" hunting rifle is Pump action Remington 7600
So This is how getting looted by Bad Muthas would look like..

2) Deltec SBS4 12-gauge shotgun used by DMC guards is Benelli M4 semi-auto shotgun

3) Deltec "1911" .45 semi-auto handgun is some type(or clone) of COLT 1911 in .45 ACP.

Pump shotgun and revolver were bit tricky but I was able to identify the exact model

4) Cathcart North "Perforator" 12-gauge shotgun is actually Remington 870 police

5) Cathcart North "Detective" .38 revolver is clearly Smith & Wesson model 10. Grips were confusing me as they look similar to S&W model 36, but mod. 36 was only produced with 1.875" or 3" barrel and revolver in Neo Scavenger has a 4 inch barrel.

That was interesting to see! I wonder if Dan actually had these specific guns as models now.

(P.S. Edited the bbcode for you, to display the images properly, hope you don't mind!)

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Thank you, now they show up fine. In one of the news posts Dan mentioned that he choose the guns that are most frequent in Michigan. This could be true in case of pistol, revolver and shotgun but pump action rifle is an odd weapon, most of .308 rifles are made in bolt action. By the way where can I get military shotgun? I only seen DMC guards and king Elias use it. Is it sold in markets or could it be scavenged somewhere?

Nope, can't buy Deltecs anywhere, they're rare exactly because they're basically DMC only guns. So you gotta pry them off their dead hands if you want them. Occasionally you'll be a lucky vulture and run across the still warm dead body of one of the guards though, in which case feel free to releave them of all things they can't take along wherever they're going. ;)

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I always get my deltec by bashing in the skull of Queen Liza

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It still bugs me that the hunting rifle is a somewhat unusual pump-action type rather than a more commonly associated and recognizable bolt-action model... Dan knows I take any chance I can get to nitpick about this! :)

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its all the estimate, although some also look futuristic

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you can sometimes find the deltec at the junk market, ive only seen it once tho

Seriously? I didn't even know that was possible. The chances must be insanely low, because that's the first I've ever heard of that.

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The chance for the weapon, showing on market each day, being the Deltek shottty is 0.2% :D

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