[Merge] MmMoD + Big Bad Cheater

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[Merge] MmMoD + Big Bad Cheater

After someone asked about this, I whipped this up and figured others might find it saves them time:

MmMoD+BBC Combo Patch

This is just a simple, pre-made "getmods.php" file that should allow both Kaaven's fantastic "MmMoD" and DnaJur's fun "Big Bad Cheater" mods to be used at the same time.

I haven't checked extensively for compatibility, but I've used these two mods together a fair bit without noticing any issues so far. Although I've renamed my mod folder structure, this should work with the default installations of MmMoD and BBC (let me know if I've messed up and I'll fix it asap).

When I've got more time, and so long as DnaJur doesn't mind (i.e. was wanting to do it himself), I'd like to create a more extensive "merge mod" for these two mods, that would allow you to use BBC's item spawner to spawn items from Kaaven's MmMoD (vodka bottles, blankets, alarms, hatchets, shotguns, etc.). Would anyone else find that helpful (and fun)?

Update 18/3/15:

My Mods:SaveMan|Fishing|Shouldered|Bottles

Hey there Banjo, thanks for taking the time to do this, it's precisely what I came to the forums to try to find. Personally, I'd definitely like to see the more extensive version as well, DnaJur permitting of course :D

i'd very much like that, was searching for merge od those to mods and the plans you have in mind sound perfect.

Combo patch doesnt work for me

I even deleted everything and did a fresh install. Keeps getting stuck at 16% with error

combo patch doesnt work, stopped at 47%

Same. The merge doesn't seem to work.

Without this MMOD works fine for me, but with the two it loads to 60%
With this it only loads to 26%
It freezes at "Parsing recipe hints.row: 4"

To get this to work, getmods.php should look like this:

nRows=7 &strModName0=FoD&strModURL0=FieldsofDead &strModName1=0&strModURL1=FieldsZero &strModName2=SP&strModURL2=SagesPages &strModName3=MoD&strModURL3=M(m)MoD &strModName4=0&strModURL4=MoDZero &strModName5=BBC&strModURL5=BigBadCheater/New &strModName6=0&strModURL6=BigBadCheater/Over