Total noob, live in Michigan.

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Total noob, live in Michigan.

And didn't know it was based in Michigan lol. I have lived here my whole life. Grew up in Westland. Partied in clubs in Detroit and now live in northern Michigan. Just picked the game up before bed. Playing over coffee tomorrow morning. Avoiding blue frogs. Good to be here. :)

Brighton here! It's awesome having a game using our home state :)

Now if only some game used Montana for the setting XD

Cannibal Family Picnic

what if they used my home state of Alabama for the setting? probably end up like some kind of Point Lookout type thing cause everyone thinks we are all backwards inbreds (corse im pretty sure most of the D.As at my school are somehow part inbred cause of how stupid they are).

-----------/___._\ THEIR ALWAYS WATCHING
----------/_.-"-._\ WATCHING CLOSELY
---------/-<(( ))>-\ EVERY BREATH
--------/__"-...-'__\ EVERY STEP
-------/'___|__|_____\REPOST OR THE MERGA WILL SPOOK YOU

picked the game before bed, surely you have a lot of timing for that.

Gaming is very important for me as a person who loves it I enjoy playing games all the time.