Survival Story: When Guards Fall Asleep At The Switch.

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Survival Story: When Guards Fall Asleep At The Switch.

***SIDE NOTE*** I didn't intend for this to be such a long read, but I hope it's enjoyable nonetheless.

Philip has had a hard time in the apocalypse. It all started smooth enough; falling from his cryosleep chamber and slamming the doors on the beast before it could disembowel him. However things became much more hectic after that. Trying to find his first set of clothing he was crushed by debris... twice... in a row. This took much of the spring from poor Philips step. As he continued to search in vain for any form of clothing he was set upon by feral dogs; which necessitated his flight from the ruined city, and as far as he could manage before the sun set.
As darkness fell, Philip sat in the woods with a large fire to keep from freezing. Still bare-ass, save for his hospital gown, he had no other choice but take such a risk. Somehow he manages to sleep for a few hours without his noise trap being knocked about. Stoking the fire to keep him alive he drifts off again...
When the sun rises he is alive, albeit quite cold again. Setting forth some fortune falls his way, he finds not only clothing but: boots, a computer, a backpack, and a duffel bag. Until this point Philip had been living hand to mouth, using his knowledge of botany to scavenge up berries, mushrooms, and occasionally drinking the water he scavenged from the woods when necessary. Without a pot or can to boil water he had no other choice. Now though, he has most everything he needs to become a fine survivor.
Somehow no infection has set in, though he is getting hungry and thirsty again. Before he can scavenge the plant-life he must first find the means to defend himself. In the woods he crafts for himself a broad-spear and a greenwood bow. Having more glass and some paper to work with he makes himself a batch of arrows, just enough to fill his quiver, then sets out east as fast as he can manage.
Much looting happens in between and Philip is also forced to defend himself from several aggressors; Of course, to the victor goes the spoils and soon Philip has valuable items filling his bags for sale once he reaches the glow!
Then came the calm before the storm. The remainder of his journey to the glow passes quickly and as soon as he arrives he proceeds to the junk market. Rifling through his bags he sells everything except his bare essentials. His savings including a computer, tablet, a fresh broad-spear, crowbar, and a locked cell phone with data he hopes to one day hack. Being somewhat richer for his experiences he heads to the Parkade for a good nights rest. Awakening the next day, Philip decides its a good idea to leave his PC, tablet, and cell phone in the hatchback for safe keeping and also to lighten his load so he can bring back more spoils once again! Leaving the Parkade he journeys to the gates of the city, finally ready to step inside. Once rejected Philip meets with hatter and sees through the strange offer with his trapping skill. Now richer one tracking bracelet he journeys into the city, has a fine meal at the Red Gnome and then heads to the Haggerty Health Clinic. Spending nearly all his savings Philip goes under the knife for eye surgery; finally giving him not only the sight an average man, but eagle eyes! However this is not enough for Philip. He dreams of even better vision but knows that for such a thing a fortune would be required.
So once more he journeyed out into the wastes. Another wave of looting, traveling, upgrading weapons, and we return to the sprawl of DMC. Hes upgraded his basic bow to a compound bow and even found tactical boots and black cargo pants. Once again he sold all his valuables he proceeded back to the Parkade, bought another 24 hour ticket and discovered that you cannot in fact store your gear past the end of your ticket date. Perhaps if he had saved some money and bought a week pass instead his plan would have worked much more smoothly. Such is life, he took a nap and in the morning sets out with a new plan.
Philip decides to search all around the DMC area for loot that was left behind by others in haste, or by the deaths of others. Soon enough he is crawling through forests, fields, and bogs to find what was left behind. In short order his ordeal pays off, near mint crowbars, tarps, some pills, and even, believe it or not, a 100% .45 pistol... fully loaded. Once more he sold all his spoils, including the pistol which he will soon come to regret, and before evening can fall he sets out once more. Further north this time, but still close to the city.
This is when poor Philips came to an end. His run further north had netted some loot, but not as much as he hoped. So he rushed back towards the glow hoping to get there before the sun started to set. Three tiles from the glow, he is set upon... by a pack of dogmen. Luckily this encounter started from a distance and Philip manages to get away from one of the group, however another dogman is chasing and getting closer. Three arrows later, the dogman is stunned and Philip runs for the hills. Upon safely entering the city border Philip happens to see some of the dogmen spread out into the surrounding area while one stays in the area where he made his escape from.
Slightly concerned, Philip begins looking for some guards to help him with his situation. However, none are to be found... anywhere! They must be out on patrol, he suspects, and they didn't see those dogmen on the way out... so, when they come back in to switch guards they will see those animals for certain!
However, this is not the case, soon enough the dogmen are chasing Philip around the perimeter of the glow, the sun sets and Philip is still fleeing for his life from the now spread out pack.
Still unable to spot any guards he throws caution to the wind and sprints to the Parkade. He is exhausted and close to passing out so he crawls up in the hatchback and goes to sleep.
Morning comes and Philip is pleased to find he is still alive! He's quite pleased to find there is no dogmen in sight; though he is quite hungry and thirsty. Making his way towards the gate Philip stops to explore the junk market, finding himself a new memory stick, then heads towards the boarder of the DMC Sprawl to see if the guards or the dogmen are nearby. Alas he finds the latter.
In terror he fleed inside the city gates. He takes a seat in the Red Gnome and has his favourite combo number three, the Cadillac burger, and here he sits still. Enjoying his meal, and wondering if it will be his last... hoping above all else that somebody wakes up the fucking guards.

best literature I have ever read 10/10-IGN

edit: After review by the FRC(fake review center) we must change the rating down to a Q/10 for the following reasons:
-to many words
-not enough lens flare
-made ma braine hert
-contains less than 1,234,567,890 letters
-don't have a 5th reason
-cool story dude, now go make me a Dogman Fur Coat

-----------/___._\ THEIR ALWAYS WATCHING
----------/_.-"-._\ WATCHING CLOSELY
---------/-<(( ))>-\ EVERY BREATH
--------/__"-...-'__\ EVERY STEP
-------/'___|__|_____\REPOST OR THE MERGA WILL SPOOK YOU