[v1.0] Bugs and issues

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[v1.0] Bugs and issues

Let's start a collection of minor things, so we don't lose track.

1. The balaclava/warm head cover (Condition 526) provides armor for torso instead of head. (Kaaven)

2. There's something wrong with Stoat and the transponder (double posting for reference, though I saw that mentioned before).

3. Minor item duplication at the crafting screen, as seen here (8:51).

4. Saginaw: In the screen where you tell them they need a new King (You stand and stare down the King. "The truth is that the crown is too heavy for....") the text overflows into the choices screen.

5. Saginaw, inflitrating with hiding: After going straight up to talk to Ginny and coming out afterwards, the Saginaw encounter box on is nonreactive, ie. you can't use it anymore and don't get an info screen about not being able to. Similar to the problem Hatter had once.

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Thanks for these, linibot! I've made a note to check this thread for the first round of bug fixes once I'm back from holidays. Sounds like there may be enough stuff to make patching worthwhile already!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Occasionally, there seem to be forest resources spawning on the non-woods hexes. Has been reported on Steam and happened to me as well.

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King Eli seems to have some timing issues, showing up with with his batch of stuff before the encounter happening. I know we've heard of that before, but here's another account of it.

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I have one too, when I scavenge, well...

I'll let the picture speak for itself.


2 right foot shoes? Godamnit...

Issue/question: Are you considering updating the demo to (still in a limited way) better reflect the finished game? It's come up. I'd agree it would be a good idea.

Also, so as to have everything in one spot (and so that you won't worry of being bored after returning from vacation XD):

- There's that weird scavenging bug that we hear reports of and can't seem to repro (as seen here, here and here).

- There's the odd, rare issue of the game not shutting off (as found here).

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Good to know, thanks!

@Kaaven, are the "forest resources" you refer to sticks and twigs, or do you mean the usable forest terrain resource? (I'll be heading over to Steam tech support after this, so maybe it's answered there.)

@techtonik25, I've heard one other such report. I wonder if I have the big version of that skill image for both normal and x2_ sprites.

@linibot, I'd like to get the demo updated, for balance and bug fixes if nothing else. I'll probably look into that when I'm back, too.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I am talking about the usable "forest" item.

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I'm gonna start throwing in here some of the steam forum bug reports that may need answering when you get back. It might help a bit when you start on them, and players will probably feel better knowing their problem is postponed but in the pipeline. (Will be adding and editing till Dan is back in office).

So: - No fullscreen persistance on OSX (seen here).

- Hepatitis behaving oddly/potentially not being cured by nano treatment? I'm not really sure what's happening there or if there's even a bug. (Seen on the second page of this discussion).

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I have run into a bug where clicking the scavenge button doesn't do anything. If I save and quite then continue it allows me to scavenge, but I have to do this every time. it happened when I was close to the hidden lake after a recent load. I haven't died yet, but I assume that will fix it. meanwhile any suggestions?

Have a great day.

It's a known but yet unsolved problem. Nothing to do for now unfortunately, except what you're already doing. Maybe you could try preemptively saving and resuming (or even better saving and restarting) in longer games. It appears that it happens usually when playing for a long time.

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The Patchwork Gloves are set as "absorbent", even though the Pelts themselves are not, making them an available ingredient for boiling as to become the Clean Rags.

It makes no sense and adds a possibility of them being surprise-destroyed while making bandages via the quick recipes.

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Not sure if this is a bug or not but my character seems to be in pain even though he's in perfect health. It has been a couple of days since my character last got injured.
Sample image: http://s5.postimg.org/os8k1iquf/Untitled.jpg

It could be a bug, or it could be you coming down with a disease. Since you don't have medic, you may not know if that's happening till later.

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Decided to take the Full Diagnostics option over at the DMC just to be sure.

I've read somewhere over at the steam forums that some users are having the same issue.

Hmm. Some conditions used to hang like that, but I was under the impression that it was fixed. If you have a save you can upload somewhere and don't mind keeping it there for a couple of weeks till the dev has a chance to take a look at it, that might help. Thanks either way for reporting. :)

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Ok, I'll just hang on to that particular save then. Just send me a message if the dev needs it.
And thanks as well for the response, having a blast with this game. :D

Just an update on this one.
Looks like my character has gone back to the "Unhurt" Status once he's contracted Hepatitis and fought it off.
Can't find any info on the Wiki about Hepatitis, so my guess is it was one of the symptoms of that particular disease. Took like a couple of in game weeks for it to appear though, that's one hell of an incubation period.
So yeah, it's not a bug.

Update again.
Managed to contract Hepatitis again and it looks like the pain symptom only shows up when the disease itself emerges.
Still a bug then which fixes itself when you contract hepatitis and shrugging it off lol.

I've had this very same issue in all of my playthrus already.

I have a fully healthy and unhurt character who shows In Pain. At first I thought this was because of various blood losses, so I had a blood transfusion done and it changed to Unhurt while I was still in the city, but as soon as I left the DMC, WHAM! In Pain again.

I don't have Medical Skill; I can't see my detailed health bars, but I haven't stepped into the Swamp (on a previous char, this was the cause.), I'm immune to the BR already (Contracted it before and drank the YpcY. Plus, If I had it, it would already be Stage 2 or 3.) and the HHC Diagnose gave ''Perfectly Healthy'' so there's no reason for my char to be in pain....


- i detected same problem, but i found i have blisters, so i will write new comment if i find it again

Parkade pass bug
I ran into a pretty frustrating bug. I had rented the hatchback for a week. I came back and the pass was still valid - had trouble determining when my last day was so I just did some water trading for a few days.
One night while sleeping in my hatchback, I got the encounter about the guy getting into a nearby car and clearing it out and that I should either collect my things or extend my stay.
I used the option to go to the office, and extended my stay for 4 weeks (finally had the money to do so). After that finished, it gave me the encounter like I didn't have a pass - however, my inventory screen showed I had a 4 week pass. Every time I went to the parkade, it acted as if I wasn't renting.
I went ahead and rented a 24 hour pass for the hatchback to see if I could find my stuff, but it was empty.

Now on the inventory screen it says I have both a 24 hour pass and a 4 week pass which is really strange. Both are for the hatchback.

In addition to the bug, I'd suggest a counter that says how much time is left on the pass, or at least on the last day, it says there's a 24 hour pass (1 week reduced to 24 hour).

Also, if you get the encounter about leaving the parkade, or extending your stay, it would be good if you had an option to access the campsite an collect whatever you want to take with you.


Same bug with a 1 week pass. I'm not sure if it was on the hatchback or the van but I lost items despite re-renting. I'm not sure if the encounter happened first or not.

I'm also experiencing a different bug which seems in my favor for now. I'm able to rent the hatchback at the pickup rental price. Here's what I did.
Rented a pickup for 24 hours which was what I had money for at the time.
After that expired, I went and rented the hatchback for 24 hours so I had more space/heat.
I then went to renew the hatchback for a week and it gave me the options for extending my pickup rental for the 24/1 week/4 week.
So I extended for a week at the pickup rental price.
It extended my rental, but I was able to keep the hatchback (which was what I wanted) and it didn't switch to the hatchback. I've now renewed the hatchback rental a few times for 4 weeks at the pickup rental price so it seems to carry forward.

Again, I'd like to mention again, that it would be good to have a countdown or something that showed how much rental time I had left. I stopped playing for a bit when I was on vacation & travelling and when I came back, I couldn't remember how much time I had left.

build 472212 (steam)

When iam in fight with more that one dogs (i dont know if this is happeing even in fights with more diferent foes) the dogs are named feral dog (FD) and feral dog leader (FDL).

Its happening all the time that when i hurt FDL (for instance by branch to the head), my attack cause consequences to him (concussion).
Next turn FDL is healthy and FD has attached consequences that should be attached to FDL which was hit.

when i kill my foe by melee surge with first hit, he dies more than once (after each hit)

Both are not really bugs.
1) Leaders are not separate creature types like in most games. In NEO, the creature with the highest morale is leading and creatures of the same type/faction with lower morale follow them around.

In case of this fight, the initial leader was "degraded" by an attack, loosing its morale and the other, now stronger/braver, creature became a leader.

2) Since this is a turn-based game, if creature suffers more than one death cause in one turn, all will be listed. Same can happen to the player.

Current record bearer has a documented total of four (4) death causes in a single turn :D

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Nah, now i understand :-)
I like this crude underground style of all this game, i realy miss it for all that years from good old games ala Fallout, Phantasmagoria or Harvester.
I very gladly supported it by Steam full price pay.

Keep it up and even more komplex, thanks! :-)

1) When i hit deer by riffle SP bullet to the head, it should be instantly dead (or totally disabled).
I did it right now and it caused only concussion. That does not make a sense when i look how realistic are melee weapons.

2) For headbutt - foe has to be on his feet - ok, but its strange i can headbutt dogs too ;-)

BTW. it should be fine to have much more death reasons than 2, but i expect you work on that :-)


I think your requests aren't really bugs, just somewhat awkward parts of the combat system. But I'll let the dev handle that. I'm mainly replying to say: There are much more than two death reasons. I seem to recall on last count a number upwards of 50 (maybe 65?) different causes of death. XD It's possible however that if you always die in combat, most of your deaths end up being your heart stopping for one reason or another. Which is accurate but it possibly gave you the wrong impression. ;)

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Ok, thanks guys, iam becoming realy addictive. i think this is the best survival game on steam right now and i played all hits there but forest :-) .

Marry x-mass and happy new year.

Found another bug. My character begins to show signs of heat exhaustion in cold weather.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Pretty much the same bug this guy is experiencing.
Oh and my character is perfectly healthy.

In order to help the dev when he comes back: Did you happen to drink Cola beforehand? Is the character sick/with a weakened immune system? (Btw, the image isn't showing.)

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Here's the image again.

It's the effect of sweating... When you sweat, you get colder because your damp(In a way). You probably just need to take off a layer of clothing or something.

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Hmmm probably the case.

My one and only shopping cart disappeared from my hood when i slept there with many cool things inside.
I had no trap there so i think someone stole it when i was sleeping.

If its possible - ok, cool. If not we have a next bug here - missing things.

BTW. i think forum is not really good for bugtracking, if you want some, i can recommend jetbrains Youtrack, i have very good experience with it.


After saving a game and reloading it, the previously chosen campsite is reset to the default one that is shown when entering a Hex for the first time.

I can only confirm this for the Hex you're standing on when saving the game. Not sure if other Hexes campsites are reset, too, not only the one you're standing on when saving a game.

when i have scraps of paper in cardboard box in my shelter, craft screen does not recognize it.
If i try to craft weapon - arrow: crude broadhead, it'll just offer me to reverse craft one of my arrows..

But when i get the cardboard box with my scraps of paper to my character hand, it works

When i tried to talk with Bad Mutha at the end of our fight he managed to escape just when i tried to talk to him.

Next turn i attacked him again - hidden (with hideous skill).
He responded "you are lucky iam not hungry you punk" or something like that just before i could choose how i will sneak him (far or close).

- So he was responding my question from previous fight even he did not see me.

i cannot use my binoculars with strap on my neck when i wear 2 neclases (nor from craft menu)

You can wear maximum 3 things on your neck. It doesn't matter if they are the same things or different, the maximum is 3 items. If this is what you mean, it is normal.

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No, i mean that when i use 2 neclasses and binoculars, binoculars became only dump texture. I cannot click on it, hover it, nor use it in craft menu (this is most strange), its like i have no binoculars on current hex.

Does the problem go away after you save, close and reload the game?

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No, where can i find save file? I will upload it to you if you want. I did not found it anywhere by file modified time.

In the NEO, you can only interact with the first item in a stack. You cannot, for example, take off a long-sleeved shirt if you have a t-shirt on it. Similarly, if you stack several items on the neck slot, let's say talisman, then binoculars, then a copper necklace, you will only be able to interact (use, move, etc.) the top-most item, in this case the copper necklace. In order to reach the items deeper in the stack, you need to remove the top item first.

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Yes it really works like you said, i like it, so sorry for wrong bug message, but it simply was'nt obvious.

As i like these features and in my opinion - these un-ergonomic things actually does spell of this game, it should be altered for players to have a chance to catch it and to not bother you with bug requests and bullshits in steam forums and reviews.

If i have items stacked on my neck in order from bottom to top - binoculars/necklace/necklace and i mouse-hover a binoculars, it should be showing top necklace hover info.
But its only my opinion.

- and the most important - binoculars should be usable in craft menu. When i have not binoculars on my neck on top, its missing between things there.

Thanks for this great game, i thing i didnt enjoy anything from Fallout1+2 like this!

Sleeping Bag Rotate Glitch

Potentially game-breaking exploit

Hey guys, new to the forum and decided to make an account to post an exploit I have recently found in version 1.0. I used it for one run, but felt so bad about how easy it made the game that I decided to delete the run and not abuse the exploit.

[i]TL;DR putting the whiskey bottle in your hand with water in it, then crafting purified water with fire causes you to get infinite purified water, broken bottles, and glass shards.[/i]

To replicate:
Put a whiskey bottle in your hand (this is important. My guess is that the game sees it as a weapon instead of a regular container, thus not breaking it down when you use it to craft). Put some water in it, then make yourself some sort of heat source. Then, craft the boiled water using the whiskey bottle from your hand, the fire, and the water that is in the bottle. This causes you to get: Purified Water, Shard, and a Broken Bottle. If you exit the crafting menu, check your inventory, you'll see that the bottle's condition has been set to 0%, but it isn't broken. Go back into the crafting menu, and you'll see that you still have the bottle and water to do it again.

You can repeat this as many times as you want, as long as you have the moves left to craft. This significantly reduces the burden of having to find water, since all you need to do is get a bottle, some water, and head into a forest. You can fill a dozen water bottles with clean water this way and drink whatever is left over.

I can confirm this bug.

I had the same effect with an equipped medium branch and using it as a stick when cooking meat. Condition would drop to 0.01% and I could reuse it over and over. But, if I remember correctly, I had to close and open the crafting screen, since the stick would not appear in the available ingredients area before closing and opening again.

Crafting strapped binoculars only works if i click the recipe. Adding the (unstrapped) binoculars and a medium string results in 3 handfuls of strings.

Click the right arrow beside the Confirm button to see all the possible crafting results.