Some sort of save feature

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Some sort of save feature

Dose any one know if there is a mod to add a checkpoint/save feature to N.S.? Is it even possible to code one in?

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No, there is no such mod and it is not possible. There is, however a save manager - an outside application that is meant to help with save-scumming.

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This has long been requested by some players, however Dan has been a) firm on not wanting one and b) encountered difficulty implementing it due to the original Flash design of the game.

IMO, it's always been the one thing that makes NS seem less than 100% polished and "complete", but many will argue it's a valid design decision. For me, though, the bigger problem than the annoyances of permadeath is the lack of being able to have more than one game going at a time.

For my own "workaround" to solve the issue of only one "save slot", you can use this quick and dirty save manager I made here:
NeoSave Manager

Anybody who considers this cheating needs to remember this is a single player game, where the only object should be to enjoy yourself! :)

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I agree that the game should have the ability to host more then 1 game same, but in the design of having multiple characters, not multiple saves for the same character. The permadeath thing is part of the game, even if the game is unfair on it. I have been swarmed in the dead of night by 6 dogmen, survived only to die of blue rot from a mysterious stranger who died on my tile before I got to see who it was, I thought he was a looter(before the sash and mask) I was 3-4 months in.

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