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Since it appears that the game just came out, will it be coming to or the humble store?

It would actually fit there quite well, since most of the games there are older/less demanding ones.

I personally prefer GOG to Steam anytime, so it's a good idea in my opinion :D

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Stay tuned :)

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Is it possible to get a GOG key if one owns the full game already?


I believe it has already been on humble once before

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Re: getting a GOG key for existing customers, I'm not sure if I can do this yet. Back when the game was only on this site and Desura, I was able to make free keys available between the two. However, I'm worried that if I try to do it now, with all the different sites it'll create an infinite loop giving away unlimited game keys :)

So for now, probably not. But if it turns out there's a safe way (unlikely), I'll post news!

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First things first, Congratulations to the 1.0-Release!!! :-D
And it's awesome, that there is a GoG-Version now. I personaly always preferred GoG over the other platforms.

Could you please explain, why there would be infinite keys, if you gave them out? I kind of can't get my head around it.

Why can't you just give each game a regestrynumber which is identical on Steam and GoG and can be registered by GoG?
So there will only be a controlled number of sold games registered. GoG did that kind of thing with "The Witcher 1 and 2" which were also sold on Steam, if I remeber correctly.
"Shadowrun Returns" also solved that problem somehow, while I don't know exactly what they did.

I just would love to have a version on GoG. I just check there more often, because it is easyer to see, which of my over 200 games got an update.

Congratulations for the game release!
I bought the game on the "Humble Weekly Sale: Celebrating Open Source" and I already downloaded it from the Humble Store.
Since I heve a GOG account (but not a Steam account) I'd be very glad if you could find a way, together with Humble Store, to offer a key to redeem the game on GOG.
In the same bundle "Defender's Quest" came with Keys both for GOG and Steam, so I hope you can do the same.
Thank you!

Absolutely thrilled to see NeoScavenger on GOG... I always wondered why it wasn't the first platform of choice beyond this site, as IMO it fits the "old school" audience there better than anywhere else.

GOG is my number one site (Steam is always my *last* choice for games) so would LOVE to get a key at some point for there. I don't see why it would result in an "eternal loop" if you manually gave GOG keys to those who bought the game from the Bluebottle Games website as many other indie games do (buy on Steam or GOG, just get it there, buy from their own site and get keys for one or both).

If you're not sure how to do it, maybe ask the likes of Dead State's devs (who just sent me my GOG key for buying from them directly) or others who've done this without issue? Surely the only problem would be if some automated system gives a Steam key to GOG buyers and a GOG key to Steam buyers... etc.?

As a Yukon supporter here, I'd definitely like to think I wouldn't need to rebuy the game again to get it in my vast GOG library. :)

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I think what he means by infinite loop of giving out keys is that every person who buys the game through another service (steam, humble, desura, direct from this site, whatever) could be asking for keys from GOG (or any of the other sites).

IF this is what you're worried about it could be solved by only giving out a GOG key to anyone who bought the game BEFORE it was available on GOG (and the same for whatever other site). I bought it directly from this site and would love to have it in my gog catalog as well (but not by paying $15 more).

Or, and this is much easier I'd imagine, only offer other sites keys to those who bought directly from here before they were available anywhere else.

Ugh, after typing it out it does seem like it could be a slight pain in the ass to deal with either way.

Anyone who buys the game NOW on Steam (or wherever) and just wants a GOG (or any other) key too is kind of nuts. I mean at this point people can just buy the thing on the site of their preference to begin with. You shouldn't expect to get keys for every other site as well.

Anyway, congrats on the full release! Even if I don't get a free gog key I'll probably end up buying it from there eventually (when it's 75% off).

Did you find any solution for giving GOG Keys to existing customers?
If it's still not possible just let us know.
I'll wait for a good price...

Unfortunately, I didn't. My next game, I'll probably make this an option for players. But this time, it's too hard to combine with existing key offers. Sorry!

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