Crazy Pre-launch Day

As the last business day before launch, it was wall-to-wall emailing, gathering materials, signing documents, uploading, chasing people down, making sure I'm not forgetting anything...I'm just swimming in post-it notes.

As of now, I think most people who needed the 1.0 build sooner than later got it. Some stores have human handlers to update builds, so those needed to be there during business hours. The rest are mostly self-service websites, so I can upload and switch things around myself. (Handy!)

I have some good news, too. The Steam trading card stuff was approved! I can launch Monday with those intact. Furthermore, I think I've got the official soundtrack all sorted out, so that'll appear with Steam builds on the next update. For users here, I'll likely post a link on the same page where you download the game. And other sites will use their appropriate tools for getting files.

Finally, it appears NEO Scavenger got a bit of love from James at Extra Credits. That was quite a surprise (thanks to linibot for the heads-up!), and it's given sale a nice boost today. Yay for publicity!

Anyway, I'll be continuing my mad emailing and uploading over the weekend. Hope everyone enjoys theirs, and I'll see you on Launch Day!


DocRask's picture

I saw that show a couple of days ago and was pleasantly surprised. Good for you getting that shout out.