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My ideas for Modders

I'm still fairly new to the game, so none of these things might even be possible (in terms of coding), or maybe a bit too overpowered. But if it IS possible, and a modder or two are looking for a challenge, then I've got the list for you.

1. BUILDING CONCEALMENT/CAMOUFLAGE - The one problem I have in particular is that NEO Scavenger seems to not try to use stealthy survival tactics such as camouflage on buildings and different methods of hiding one-self and protecting ones stash out in the sprawl. In reality, it should be pretty easy to have a "secret stash" in the burned out ruins of a suburban area, if one knows where to hide it (also, having more then just a couple of items in these "stashes" should degrade their concealment stat).

2. BUILDING BARRICADES/PROTECTION - On the other hand, there seems to never be any option of sorts to barricade a building, and turn it from a shabby ruin to a protected fortress. The trapping skill could come in handy here, the ability to set up not only alarms, but also sharp, dangerous traps that take away / add debuffs to any enemy who might come and invade your "palace", giving you a slight advantage over them.

3. HOMEMADE ARMORS - Getting the right materials and knowing the right skills could grant one the ability to make "chestplates" out of metal and other materials. The point to this would be reduce melee damage, but would make one INCREDIBLY slower, and the armors you could probably make won't do jack in terms of bullet penetration.

4. MORE HEXES / MOUNTAINS, DANGEROUS AREAS, EVENTS - This is a minor one, and could be done fairly easily, and its basic goal is to add more events and mountain-like hexes that can increase your world view which could benefit you in the long-run, while also adding more dangerous events and hexes that can cause random encounters just from simply walking to and fro' on them.

5. HOMEMADE FIREPOWER / ONE-SHOT MAKESHIFT GUNS - This has already been mentioned before, but I felt I should try to bring it up, in a less OP way; by making most of the homemade guns one-shot before reload, forcing you to reload the gun from the inv' while still in combat multiple times. with the right know-how and materials, you can craft yourself finer versions of the homemade guns, but those would only do a little more damage. Also, you're not the only one who can have/craft these weapons, Bad Mutha's and others will also carry these around, so you better find and make yours, or be pretty damn good at hiding.

6. MORE SCAVENGING SPOTS/STORES - I find it pretty damn odd how most of the suburban scavenging spots in this only consist of
office buildings and warehouses. There should be plenty of different types of places one can find, some that even specialize the loot (such as clothing stores).

7. POWER/ELECTRICITY - Most towns no longer have any sort of electricity to speak of, the common uses for electricity being replaced with a good ol' fire and salts to cure and cook meat. Well, no longer! This mod grants the ability to buy an electrical generator (a vehicle that houses electrical charges) that can be placed into your suburban hex of choice, which will give power to a building if you have the right know-how and the right tools to hook it up. On top of that, you can also find and craft electricity gathering components such as solar panels. You can also craft and make VERY dangerous traps that can be lethal to almost anyone, including you.
The bonuses to actually having this would be the ability to power up electrical devices (laptops, phones, etc.) while also granting one the ability to cooking and storage devices, such as refrigerators and stoves, and CERTAIN powered up hexes might allow you access to hidden secrets (wink wink nudge nudge electrical safe)
The debuffs for a powered up hex however, are quite dear. For one, almost ANYTHING can see you if you have lights on, in a large and tall building, such as an office complex. On top of that, not using enough of the energy generated can eventually cause the generator to blow (most of this tech would be relatively old, and the method used to hook the generator up would be relatively unsafe and dangerous), which can not only destroy your goods, but bring a whole bunch of other things knockin' at your door.

Thats the end of the modding list. I understand, thinking about it now, that a lot of these might be overpowered, but hell, if you think you're up for it anyway, why not, right?

please look at released mods as most all of the offer the things you are looking for.

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