Final Countdown

Still mostly focusing on behind-the-scenes stuff today, as the launch date approaches. A big chunk of today's work involved working on vendor art assets for things like product page graphics, more Steam Trading Card assets, and some preliminary work on the soundtrack. Tonight may end up being a late night, just so I can get some stuff submitted to Valve for approval before the weekend. As such, it's looking like the 15th will be the official launch, probably around 10am Pacific if I can get that coordinated.

The soundtrack is going to be free, and will consist of 320kb/s mp3s. I'm considering how each track should be named, as they're pretty generic names right now (e.g. cueExplore01) As for distribution, at least on Steam, it'll likely consist of a special folder in the game files with mp3s. The DRM-free downloads may use site-specific methods to make the OST available (e.g. Desura and the official site have other ways to let people download).

I also made a slight change or two to the game data today. The dog spawn rate was further decreased to 33% of the original value, which should make dogs about as common as Bad Muthas in the area around Cryo. This should produce a nice blend of fauna in that area, while making the early game slightly easier than pre-dogs. Hopefully, "just right."

I also noticed a bug that was causing Blue Frog Preachers to spawn in place of the more lowly Cultists, which means Cultists have been missing entirely until now. This may make things a bit easier in the mid-late game, at least around Saginaw.

Overall, things are coming fast and furious in the final stretch. Just hoping I don't miss anything along the way!


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