New Items, Conditions, and Testing

I finished implementing Cameron's encounter today, and began testing it. It involved a couple new items, both encounter-specific ones (like the window and console in the cryo facility) and inventory items. Therefore, some new art was required, and new data entries.

It also required a new condition. This condition is more complex than cholera, so it'll require some additional testing. It was tempting to start going down the path of more feature development, in terms of wound and wound treatment. I had to slap my wrist and get back to the plot work at hand, though.

Finally, the encounter itself has quite a few chance-based outcomes, so making sure those probabilities work will take a bit of time.

Still, it took much less time to hook up and create assets for than the previous encounter. So I'm hopeful that things are getting more efficient on the plot front.

I did discover a bug or two along the way, though. The item animations are happening in a few places they shouldn't, so I'll have to look into that. Also, using a container in an encounter seems to have some bugs. Items inside the container are not always being accounted for properly, so that's a potentially larger bug. I'll also be looking into that.

That's it for now. Have a good one, and see you tomorrow!