Cannot Enter Glow with Tracking Braclet

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Cannot Enter Glow with Tracking Braclet

Heya, was messing with the latest build (bloddy punishing!) and finally made it to the glow. After it tells you about notbeing able to enter the chat with hatter begins. I accepted the missions and then used trapping to call the trap. Afterwards I get the tracking braclet (placed on the ground) and am told to return. Immediatly I tried to enter detroit (glow?) and could not. AFter a day I went back to hatter and received the camp grayson (spelling?) quest but still could not enter the glow. I have tried the tracker braclet in my hand, in plastic bad and in the cargo pants (they were originally there).

Any advice?

Oooooooooooohhh disregard, it goes around your wrist! Stilly me, got in now so