Neo Scavenger Font, Ability/Flaw Weight Displaying

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Neo Scavenger Font, Ability/Flaw Weight Displaying

Ahoy. So, in tinkering with modding, and after many trip-ups and hiccups, I've got the mod working how I want (including graphics), but there are two things I need to address yet.

First: Is there a compiled font anywhere to make it a little easier to add text to items, such as Abilities and Flaws?

Second: The Flaws I have created are displaying their weight. The stock flaws and abilities do not have this behavior. How does one hide the Weight numbers?


To answer your questions, I've got to tell you first that I might be wrong.

I don't think there is a compiled font for the skills and traits, as they are all derived from the images themselves. And thus, for your second question, the default abilities and flaws have their weight drawn onto the image, hence I can't say whether you can hide them without modifying their images.

Hope I helped!

For the font, I mean a font in general. :) The whole alphabet that I can either type in (if a system font) or copy-paste in (if graphical).

The weight is displaying on mouse-over. Sorry, I should've been clearer about that. i.e. when you hover over Strong, it shows its description and only that. When you hover over a custom Ability/Trait, it shows the description and "Weight: 5.0" (or whatever number you have in there).

i don't know about the Skills thing - never done that, so cannot help really - but can tell that there is no font for us to use so far. You might just copy-paste letters from words already existing and make one if you really need it.

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I tried for ages to find the font too (actually found a very close match online!), but in the end I did as Kaaven did too: cut and paste individual letters from other words to make the ones I needed for a new skill, etc.

If anyone wants my (incomplete) "alphabet" I made for that, let me know! It was a bit of a pain to do, so happy to share and help others out.

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I do this too but in a different fashion. Instead of looking for separated letters, I just write the word as in one of the conditions or item description, etc, run the game, screenshot, get the entire word and then change the condition or whatever I changed back to what it was. :P

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Well I could send you fonts that I extracted from the game files and templates for skills and flaws that I used in my mod.
(Unless Dan is against sharing parts of the game files)

About the skill weight, I think it maybe something to do with the nGroupID that you are using for your skills but it's difficult to tell without the code. If you are using different nGroupID try using 91 for skills and 96 for flaws.

It already is 96. But you reminded me about the ID pickiness, and how I ran into load failures before adding 0: in front of all the other ID types. Unfortunately, when I do that to nGroupID, it causes the game to lock up when loading a saved game or starting a new game.

I imagine it is a case where it must reference that specific ID, from that specific data set (set 0) to not display the weight. Ah well, if anyone else figures it out, I'll keep an eye on this thread a little longer. :)

As for the extracted font files, that'd be awesome provided there is no problem from Dan about sharing it. :) Otherwise, I suppose it'll come down to manually making a sprite sheet for the letters.

Here's the stuff. (fonts+templates)

Skill font is pixeltiny size 12.

Do your skills have 0:86 property?

That was it! I hadn't set that to the 0 dataset.

Man, you gotta set everything to the 0 dataset when modding, don'tcha? :P

Thanks for the font. :) Muchly appreciated.

Edit: Wow, photoshop hates that font, lol. I'm gonna have to find a way to tinker with this in a different program, I guess. MS Paint uses Windows' weird ClearType or whatever it's called now, and not sure how to disable that.

Edit 2: And disabled, got clean text, all good now. :)