Feral dogs- rabies and food

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Feral dogs- rabies and food

Just a quick suggestion after playing the new build for a bit.

First, I kind of feel like the feral dogs make acquiring food too easy. Even if you don't have many combat skills, the dogs are easy to kill. I feel like they should be made rarer or perhaps made more difficult in some way.

This leads to my second suggestion. Perhaps give Dogs a chance to infect the player with rabies? Something like a 10% chance to infect per bite attack or something along those lines. That way a player will have to think twice before getting close to one.

Great update, by the way!


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Hi. Well, how many rabid dogs have you seen in your life? Im not sure but unless there is an epidemy, i don't believe many dogs will be rabid. But im just guessing...

I suppose that's true. I don't see very many rabid dogs. Although in a post apocalyptic setting a single case of rabies could spread quite quickly.

It doesn't have to be rabies, though. It could be something entirely new, like howling cough where you cough constantly and start to lose a moderate amount of blood while also reducing your sneak (because your coughing and making noise :3

Just throwing out ideas.


Life... one ketchup packet at a time.

My suggestion to counteract the 'Dogs/food commodity issue' is that as the food decays,it should get more and more diseased, all being gone when it is cooked of course however the bacteria can still form on cooked food after its been heated up. Alternatively the food could be dry meat, which could sap hydration which makes it a situation of is food>water. Additionally, I do think that dogs should still be common as we do get a feeling from the theme of the game that a nuclear war hasn't occurred but rather global warming has taken its toll, and based on this I think dogs and other wildlife should be common around areas that aren't civilized like the north where the dogmen reside. Finally, We could make it so the dogs have a certain amount of meat based on their breed which brings the idea of more breeds of dogs with the same AI but a different texture into mind and a different amount of meat to be gathered from them.

Another option for leveling the dog loot is just giving less meat and hide, or depending on the size of the dog. Also another option would be more point consumptiom when getting meat/hide from medium and big animals.

Anyway, i think they spawn too often, they are quite boring after a while.

And perfectodst219, about presumptions of things that happened before player's awakening, i haven´t advanced in the game further than Detroit, but as far as ive seen, a nuclear war can't be discarded. Just dont say anything spoiler if you have seen something that discards NW pls! :-)

I am not sure if 'loot' from dogs should be decreased much and surely I wouldn't enjoy dogs being stronger. However, as Rovald pointed out in the comments of the most recent news piece and thing I wholeheartedly agree with - feral canines usually hunt and live packs.

The danger of meeting wild dogs shouldn't lie in how strong they are but in the fact that unless the character is well-prepared to face them, they may overhelm with their numbers. In addition, I don't think it wouldn't be too weird if they'd be made to spawn less often near bigger, functional settlements like DMC - making abundance of meat if one will be able to take out a whole pack of them an issue of logistics if one wants to transport it all.

I agree; I wouldn't want them any stronger, and like that they're a good "entry level" enemy (like RPG "giant rats") for the player to face.

I also agree that keeping them away from the DMC would be a good idea.

How about if around the cryo area and the like, you just find dogs as they are now (usually alone) but in some parts of the map (further "into the wilds" where there are no settlements) you would encounter much more threatening "packs" of dogs?

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I just added a comment to the News page suggesting the same thing: rabid dogs!

Yes, I'm probably mad for suggesting adding more difficulty to the game, but I thought it might reduce some concern that the new wild dogs add too much potential food (and make a low-level enemy a surprising threat on rare occasion!).

I'd say don't make EVERY dog have rabies, maybe just a 10% or 15% chance that one will have the "rabid" condition and thus able to infect the player? Rabid dogs and dangerous wastelands are such a great match!

(for more dogs with rabies in the wastelands, try one of the best episodes of my favourite post apocalypse tv show "Survivors": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuOqtTXg2h0)

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