Walkthroughs, anywhere?

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Walkthroughs, anywhere?

Heyas all - REALLY enjoying this game. I love post-apoc games where it is about survival and prospering in the survival (Hey, when can I get a fortified encampment to safely store my stuff, mm?), so I'm REALLY enjoying this game.

However, plotwise... *spoiler* I get the bracelet to enter Detroit, but then get stuck with the alert. *endspoiler*. There's not really much pointing to what I can do to get around this, and there appears to be some indication from the forums and other people's comments that it is coded in...

So, ah, what do? Am I missing something, or am I thinking too much :(

Hey Summercat, glad you're enjoying the game so far!

You're not doing anything wrong. The game's storyline is still being worked on. Once beta players reach the DMC, they are told of an orange alert that prevents entry. This is just the in-game explanation for "no more content yet, please come back later."

A few weeks ago, after adding the player camp feature, I focused on the next most voted for feature: more plot encounters. It will add more encounters, and opportunities to roleplay and flesh out the character's story. It's slow-going, though. (see the recent news updates for details).

So hang in there! It'll take some time for me and Cameron to add more content, but it's coming!

As for the fortified player camp, there are some camps with really good concealment, which are usually safer for storing one's stuff. Looting AI will check for non-default campsites within a hex, based on their perception and the camp's concealment stats. So the safest place to store stuff is a non-default camp with good concealment.

No camp fortifications yet, though :)

Oh, and you prompted me to finally install:

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spoiler tags

With more plot coming down the pike, it won't be long before folks want to share tips and trade stories of a sensitive nature. Might as well prepare for it!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Oh, nifty. Nice to see I helped! :D

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Now I just have to figure out how to add a pony encounter[spoiler]Just kidding.


Testing nested.

Doh! I guess nested spoilers don't work. Boo.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Ah well. Was just a bit too much to hope for. *chuckle*