Parkade mechanics change?

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Parkade mechanics change?

Just wondering why this location no longer uses the normal "forced encounter on first visit, then use dummy object on ground to re-enter/return" anymore?

I assume it was to work around a changelog-mentioned bug? Did the original way cause the rented camps to be available without paying? Does a non-renting player now need to be kept out of that hex completely?

I'm only asking because it feels a bit clunky and odd; other Sprawl locations work like the Last Chance Canteen, while at the Parkade, an encounter window pops up every time I pass through the hex (and get teleported to the same adjacent hex if I leave).

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This sounds like an unintended side-effect. I might've broken the initial trigger when I fixed the expiration trigger. I'll look into this, thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

No probs, mate. Actually happy to hear that it's NOT a deliberate change, since I didn't like being forced out of the hex every time! :)

Incidentally, I love the new trash barrel fires! I assume they're supposed to not spawn in every Sprawl hex, right (just random chance)?

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