More Shoes, Random Encounters, and Crafting UI

A few more finishing touches on today's task list. I finished adding more shoe variety, plus made some changes to the random encounters and quick recipe UI.

IMAGE( Quick recipe sorting, and "shoes."

First of all, we have two new "shoes." I put that in quotes because I personally feel these styles of shoe are an abomination :) I have never liked flip flops, and Crocs seem kind of like sandals without the burden of taste.

In NEO Scavenger, both of these will fill the barest of footwear necessities, offering no warmth nor insulation. Just a step up from being barefoot. And worse, the flip flops are at risk of flying off one's feet every so often. See? Useless!

The random encounters also got a minor overhaul, which should make them more common. There are currently ~90 of them in the game, but I think most people only see maybe 1-5 in a typical game. And what's worse, most of these are randomly selected from the same pool of about 12. As a result, I think there's a lot of content all players are missing.

Part of the reason for this is the way random encounters are sprinkled around the map. However, another cause is the way they're triggered. The encounters are split into "neutral," "good," and "evil." And further, they each have a theme like "crazies" or "children" or "religion." Within a theme, one must see them sequentially, since later ones refer to earlier ones. All players start the game able to see "neutral" encounters, and their choices cause them to eventually shift towards the "good" or "evil" collection (or stay "neutral").

Due to this trigger method, most players see a handful of the "neutral" intro theme encounters, and rarely explore enough of the map to see anything else.

Today's change does away with the "good/evil" prerequisites to seeing encounters, so a full 30 are available right off the bat. This should result in about 2-3x more random encounters appearing for most players, and new encounters they haven't seen before. Basically, it's like a new shot of content just got added to the game :)

Finally, in the quick recipe UI, I took another of Kaaven's suggestions and made them sort by category, for easier look-up. For now, this is just a category preceding each recipe name, since that was the easiest/least-risky way to do so. I think this should avoid any line-wrapping, but we'll have to see if I've missed any. But the overall effect should be a more manageable quick recipe list.

I also spent an hour or so playtesting these changes, and I'm pretty happy with what I'm seeing. So I think we're go for a build tomorrow. See you then!


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How do random encounter triggers work, anyway? Is there a random % chance to trigger one each time you step on a tile? Does it have to be a tile you've never stepped on before? Does the type of tile matter? Does map location matter? etc

Crafting UI is an awesome change.

do you even scavenge

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>Crafting UI is an awesome change.

>How do random encounter triggers work, anyway?
dcfedor said "Part of the reason for this is the way random encounters are sprinkled around the map", so my guess is they are randomly assigned to hexes all over the map at the start, and since the map is quite huge, and triggering an encounter currently has "karma" prerequisites, it's difficult to both find and trigger them.

If it indeed works like I think it does, I propose a change for the next game: make encounters chance-based instead of location-based. Most players never explore the map for the sake of exploring, but rather go where they're told to (e.g. locations revealed by quests).

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All good! The changes to the crafting screen are a very welcome change as recipe names are not always obvious. However, I do have one minor gripe to share regarding that screen (sorry!). I keep finding myself trying to craft items, only to find it's the end of the turn. This is an easy mistake as the "Place items above to craft" message and the "Not enough moves left to craft" message both look very similar without reading; both are the same color, similar lengths, and end in the same words. I find it slightly frustrating to have to leave the screen, end my turn, and then restart my recipe from scratch. I could suggest disabling the screen when unable to craft, or not resetting the currently selected items at the end of the turn... however, I think maybe simply changing the "Not enough moves..." message to red might be enough.

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No, making crafting screen unavailable isn't a good decision. You might want to check recipes or whether you have all the required ingredients, and you should be able to do that at the end of the turn.
I support making it more obvious that player is unable to craft at the moment though, because I definitely was in the same situation as you before.