Feral Dogs and Shoes

Still putting some last-minute things into the build before uploading. Mainly stuff that is low-risk/high-gain. And today's additions have been on my list for a while now:

IMAGE(http://www.bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2014-12-03.png) Nothin' but shoes and dogs.

First up, shoes. It's always bothered me that there are only two types of shoes in NEO Scavenger. In all of Michigan, the only types of footwear one could find were hiking boots and police boots. So I finally added two new options: the running shoe and the makeshift shoe. The running shoe is roughly equivalent to a hiking boot, just lighter and less durable. And the rag shoe is much less durable (and comfortable) than that.

The plus side, of course, is that one can make a rag shoe. Hence the new shoe sole item, which can be used in a new recipe with rags to make these impromtu kickers. Also, all shoes have been updated to degrade into hide and shoe soles now, rather than rags and string.

I still need to add these to the loot tables tomorrow. And I may add one more (sandal, likely), but these should make things a bit more immersive and interesting!

Secondly, we now have feral dogs. It's no secret that I've been meaning to add dogs for a while now (maybe years?). So I did some locally-relevant pooches for Michigan, and made them spawn in packs of 1-4 in south-central Michigan. This should do three things:

  • Adds variety to local fauna.
  • Decreases the frequency of Bad Muthas near the starting area. (A common complaint among new players.)
  • Adds a new source of food/fur to hunt.

They'll probably need some balancing or tweaking, but I'm excited to see how they impact the early game.

I forget if I mentioned it yesterday, but I also added tooltips to hexes when in the overworld map. The reason I mention this now is because I added tracking info to hexes where tracks are visible, so now players can tell what type of creature they're seeing tracks for.

And finally, I added a blood loss penalty for sepsis (to simulate the low blood pressure/volume symptom that often comes with it).

More coming tomorrow, though I'd like to time things for a Friday upload, so changes will have to be minor. And then, we're in our final week of testing and fixing before release!


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I wholeheartedly agree with those additions. While multitude of items and NPCs should never take priority over proper story and core gameplay - finished, polished game should have a few of those in every category especially since many ideas for creatures/animals and items were thrown around and hoped for since a long time (not all of them necessarily by me - but in general).

And to be honest, I do hope for a handful of minor events, items and maybe even some animal or other critter before the very final version of the game will come out. Of course, without stretching boundaries of the time left too hard.

Of course, fine-tuning and tweaking current 'mechanical' features is hardly a waste of time in its own regard.

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I know you can't hear it, but I've been humming excitedly to myself all week, really looking forward to the new build. XD

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All sounds great! More content is always good. Don't they have bears in Michigan? Bears would be cool ;)