New Camp, Mouse Mode Toggle, Finishing Diseases

I had some time to sneak in a bit of new content today. Kaaven mentioned that the sprawl might seem a bit more lively if the simple plains patch of ground campsite were replaced by something more appropriate to the sprawl. It was a nice little tweak that I think adds more to the game than the effort it takes, which is a good thing at this late stage. Here's a peek:

IMAGE( Gather 'round the ol' trash barrel fire.

The camp itself offers little more than the open ground would. It's basically a patch of open dirt/mud in the sprawl with the same stats, with two exceptions. First, the alert stat is much better than a field, due to people nearby. Second, the camp has a communal trash barrel fire that homeless can huddle around. There's still no shelter from the rain, but at least there is some warmth and light. Combined with the ever-present power taps, the sprawl just got a bit more inviting!

You'll also notice a zoomed-in shot of the mouse cursor mode indicator up there. After chatting with a Surface Pro user who couldn't activate the right-click menus, we came up with a small change that should help: toggling mouse mode via UI button. Previously, it was only possible to change mouse modes using the context menu or hotkeys. With this change, clicking that button above will cycle through all mouse modes. And when switching screens, it should abort inappropriate mouse modes (e.g. "delete" during encounters, or "use" during crafting). Similarly, it will reset to "drag" or "take" modes when exiting the items screen, to avoid accidental use or deletion of an item when returning.

Beyond the above changes, I finished converting all diseases to gradually penalize the immune system, so I'm interested to see if that helps with the user-feedback when players get sick. I think the balance is roughly the same (similar timelines from acquisition to end of disease/death), but the propensity towards sepsis will be new.

Finally, I fixed a bug that caused St. James rentals to never expire, as well as that NaN bug in the stat bars. Overall, a pretty productive day! Here's hoping for a few more like it!