Idiots and arrows

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Idiots and arrows

Today was my first non-demo game and I made a ranged character to try out the new toys. unfortunately I got stuck with an arrow after a fight and thought "I will cleanse my wound and save this arrow for when I get a bow."
I pulled out the arrow and realized I had no room to carry it, but that I could stick it back in my arm to carry it that way. but with an arrow in my arm I couldn't wrap it with a clean cloth. so I pulled the arrow out and stuck it back in a few times debating what I should do not realizing my pain bar was moving. I noticed and stopped, but not before I had crippled my own arm.

sadly to say, I died of infection a few moves later.

Have a great day.

I did the same thing O_O

Last bow wielder alive that i didn't shoot, shot himself in the knee and bled to death.